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Kindle Books

The Taneyhills Community Library in Branson, Missouri now officially offering ebooks. Kent Olson, Board President of the Taneyhills Community Library said the service became available to its patrons a week ago.

Olson said charging for library cards and other services at the library has helped make it possible to loan out ebooks. Without these small fees, he surmises, it would not have been possible to install an ebook system at this point in time.

Another large boost to the effort comes from the fact that the Taneyhills Community Library is now working in conjunction with the Missouri Libraries 2 Go consortium.

To join the consortium, Taneyhills had to pay a fee of $4,500. In return, the library received access to all ebooks that the eighty-library network has access to. The fee also includes the purchase of the ebooks. With this new deal, the library hopes to have a range of ebooks large enough to satisfy a number of interests.
Olson said around $2,000 went directly toward the purchase of new ebooks for the system. Multiplied by 80 member libraries, it becomes quickly apparent how the collection can grow at a fast clip. The membership fee is based on the population of the serviced area; Taneyhills Community Library has a population between 10,000 and 30,000 people.

There are several other advantages to being a part of the consortium. One of the most notable is that the membership fee is far less than what larger libraries have to pay to curate their own collection, and locals are still able to access the same ebooks in the end.

An influx of new library memberships as well as renewed memberships helped offset some of the cost. Olson believes the excitement the new ebooks will bring will create increased membership as well going forward. He said it is important to emphasize that the members are the ones that make this possible. Without their support it would all just be a dream.

Taneyhills faced devastating financial troubles before it instituted its controversial fees and new Friends membership program. At the end of the 2012 fiscal year, it faced a $5,000 deficit. Luckily, by the end of the 2013 fiscal year it was able to regain proper footing and place $15,000 into a savings account to create new services.

The profit gives Taneyhills Community Library a little more flexibility to make improvements that members have now come to enjoy. One new project Olson would like to pursue in the near future is an online catalogue. The online service will make for better record keeping, he says; an influx of paper work has exhausted many of its resources.

Members can access ebooks online through the library website. Go to and login to the ebook service provider with your library card membership number. Member last names are used as passwords to gain access.

Along with the ebooks, members are also able to download audio books and movies through the online service. These items can be checked out with no additional fee for 14 days. They are automatically returned at deadline.

Ebooks and other downloadable content is available on desktop computers as well as mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, and the Kindle.

Olson said he intends to continue fundraising efforts throughout the community.


Seattle Public Library encourages authors to write ebooks

by Public Libraries on August 8, 2014


Seattle Public Library is hoping to pique the interest of area writers with an opportunity to show off their talents in the form of an ebook.

The library has partnered with Smashwords, an independent publisher and distributor of ebooks, to offer a self-publishing platform for aspiring and established Seattle, Washington writers. The pair have also teamed up to offer a self-publishing contest, in which up to three individuals will have their ebooks placed into circulation of the library’s ebook collection. The contest runs through midnight on October 15, winners will be notified by November 15. Eligible entrants must have a Seattle Public Library card and be 18-years-old or older.

This is all a part of the Seattle Writes project to support local authors and connect them with the library’s community of readers. The initiative includes workshops on the craft of writing, write-ins, author panels, and classes on digital publishing.

Smashwords founder, Mark Coker said ebooks have been a natural opportunity for libraries to expand their mission, and to secure an even more important place in the community by helping to promote a culture of authorship.

Coker believes the contest will be a magnificent incentive for writers that ordinarily wouldn’t have an audience. He said writers want readers and libraries offer access to an audience that is willing and ready to read.

The ebook project is funded by a grant from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. Andrea Gough, Librarian and a member of Seattle Public Library’s Millennial Factor Project group said it is the perfect way to reach out to its niche of 18 to 30-year-olds that were seeking another way to show off the area’s creativity. The library offers creative writing classes but many felt there was a need to add the ebook publishing platform.

It was once thought that the ebook would lead to the death of libraries as we know them but it has proven to be yet another tool in the arsenal for libraries to offer its members. Smashwords, now working with several library systems, started with California’s Los Gatos Library. It is one of the few self-publishing companies to work with public libraries.

The partnership with local libraries has been a perfect fit for Smashwords. When starting out with Los Gatos, the library system quickly discovered it preferred receiving donations of ebooks from local authors than the presence of physical books. A reason for this is that physical books are more difficult to accept, catalog, and shelve. The ebook acquisition tools have been a simple alternative. Smashwords helped build a publishing portal for Los Gatos Library, which is the same one used by Seattle Public Library.

Seattle Public Library also has a new partnership with ebook supplier OverDrive. Coker said with OverDrive, libraries are a lot closer to closing the publishing gap. A writer can now come to the library, ask how to publish a book, get pointed to a publishing portal, publish a book, and then the book can be purchased by the library.


Summer programs boost library attendance in Florida

August 4, 2014
Thumbnail image for Summer programs boost library attendance in Florida

There aren’t many empty seats at the South County Regional Library in Estero, Florida. The library recently reported a significant increase in traffic during the summer months. More than 2.8 million people have visited the 13-branch Lee County Library System this year with South County Regional Library boasting record numbers this summer. Terri Crawford, Deputy Director of Lee County Library System said the response of the community has been great […]

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Miami-Dade County to increase public library budget

July 25, 2014
Thumbnail image for Miami-Dade County to increase public library budget

Miami-Dade County in Florida is experiencing an all-too-familiar crisis in recent years for librarians: public funding and budget crisis have prevented libraries from operating at full capacity for several years now. Combine that with the slow-creeping epidemic of library abandonment amongst youth, and Miami-Dade’s libraries have definitely been feeling the squeeze. Luckily, county commissioners just last week voted for a tax increase in the area that would result in an […]

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Amazon tries to appeal to Hachette authors

July 18, 2014
Thumbnail image for Amazon tries to appeal to Hachette authors

The feud between Amazon and Hachette has been detrimental to many authors and readers. Not only are readers not getting access to upcoming titles, authors are not able to market their new releases. Amazon, at least, is now making it possible for the authors to make a bit more money off the ebooks they do manage to sell. Like any other publishing company, Hachette makes a percentage out of every […]

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Borrow a drone from the library?

July 10, 2014
Thumbnail image for Borrow a drone from the library?

Libraries are extending their collections beyond books and movies. More than ever, libraries are trying to meet the needs of their communities by providing computers, printers, and classes. However, the recent purchase of drones by the University of South Florida may create even more headaches for them as they consider how the drones are used. The drones that were purchased can fly up to 400 feet above ground and record […]

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Simon and Schuster ebooks are now available at libraries

June 30, 2014
Thumbnail image for Simon and Schuster ebooks are now available at libraries

Within the past decade, traditional hardbound paper books, which have been a staple in society for centuries have slowly given way for ebooks, or electronic books. There are many reasons why ebooks have experienced such a boom in popularity. For one, they are much more convenient. One ereader can hold up to thousands of books, making titles more accessible to readers across the world. That is why many major publishing […]

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Is technology making libraries obsolete?

June 20, 2014
Thumbnail image for Is technology making libraries obsolete?

In 2011, popular political comedian Bill Maher said, “We have the Internet.  We don’t need a library.  I don’t know anyone that has gone to a library since 1998”. Is the tradition of putting ideas in print going the way of the dinosaurs? It can certainly seem that way these days, given all of the new technology we have for gaining knowledge and interacting with the world. Today, about half […]

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Court rules in favor of searchable database of scanned books

June 13, 2014
Thumbnail image for Court rules in favor of searchable database of scanned books

It’s every college student’s dream: to be able to use the ‘find function’ so often utilized on computers to pull out bits of text from an actual printed book. While that isn’t exactly what the HathiTrust Digital Library has done, it’s pretty darn close. Basically, since 2008, the project has involved scanning over 10 million books and assorted works into an online database. These books come from a number of […]

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Self-published authors learn how to get their books into libraries

June 5, 2014
Thumbnail image for Self-published authors learn how to get their books into libraries

Are you associated with or working in a library? If so, you might want to prepare for an influx of bids from self-published authors asking you to stock their work. Just this week, the Book Expo America kicked off in New York City, with thousands of books, library, writing, and reading enthusiasts gathered to a plethora of various talks and events. Within the conference, however, sat uPublishU, a sub-conference whose […]

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