Will public libraries be digital in the future?

The first completely bookless library opened their doors to the public in San Antonio, TX on 9/14/2013. It is the first public library in the United States that is entirely digital. In the future will all public libraries just have digital collections? Are the days of physical books and materials gone?

Libraries & Ebooks

Why are ebooks so expensive?

Book publishers and their hold on the industry are the reasons that ebooks cost so much. Roughly 70% of the retail price of an ebook goes to the publisher. Authors could charge 78% less for an ebook and still make the same money if they did not have to use the services of a publisher.

Librarian Salaries

Average librarian salary

One of the most common questions we get asked is what the average salary of a librarian is. This is great because it means that lots of people want to become librarians! There really is no easy answer to the question. It depends what part of the country you are looking at and what type of librarian at what type of library.

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World’s smallest library

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