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Are ebooks better with sound effects?

by Public Libraries on April 11, 2014

Headphones Books

Booktrack is a company which has produced a platform enabling sound to be added to an ebook. Some do not see the point of this, calling it gimmicky, but CEO Paul Cameron strongly disagrees with such assessments. He believes there is great potential to having sound playing while reading. Booktrack has already released one version of adding music to an ebook and has been working on another version that is about to be released.

The first platform released was the Booktrack Studio. This application allows anybody to create ebooks with sound. This is also called adding a soundtrack since it functions much like the soundtrack to a movie. Although Booktrack Studio has only been around five months, users have created over 3,600 of the booktracks in 30 different languages. This proves that people are enjoying adding music to what they read.

The new application being released is Booktrack Classroom. Booktrack has worked hard to get this made and ready to be released. A huge player was Sparkbox Ventures who helped Booktrack to raise $3 million in Series A funding, to get this new version completed. Sparkbox led this round of funding but donors from the first round, like Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post Productions, contributed to this second round as well. Although functionally the same, Booktrack Classroom will enable students to build, listen, and share soundtracks for ebooks for free.

Booktrack Classroom was aggressively pursued due to studies made on the effects of reading with music. Studies have found that when reading a booktrack, a student spends 30% more time engrossed in the material while comprehension also rose by 17%. The study was repeated, using adults instead of children, and nearly identical results were received. This demonstrates that booktracks could help make reading a more dynamic experience which gets the reader to feel a greater sense of involvement.

Booktrack’s ability to add sound, from music to ambient noise, is simple but powerful. When reading a story normally, we engage but there is some detachment there. When music helps set the mood or the sound of animals is heard in the bushes, then total immersion in the reading occurs. It is this immersion that Paul Cameron was hoping for with booktracks.

The process of adding sound or music to an ebook isn’t all that difficult. Simply select the text you want to work with and add sound from the library. The library currently consists of 20,000 tracks which can be used with half of them being owned directly by Booktrack. The other half are licensed and those cost an extra fee to use. Plus, the soundtrack plays along to your reading speed rather than being played at a static speed, which would cause some to hear the audio in the wrong places.

Not everyone that reads will enjoy booktracks, but you can see how it can appeal to a broad audience. It is fun to set up the ebook with music and sounds that appeal to you; and hearing other peoples’ soundtrack experiments is entertaining as well. The success of booktracks in getting students more engaged in reading, and the increased comprehension could prove invaluable. This is a fascinating new technology which has the potential to drastically change reading in the classroom.


Gavel Books

Apple, the world tech super-company, is facing a whirlwind of backlash and bad news. On Friday, March 28, a group of New York consumers sued the tech giant for violating antitrust laws by fixing ebook prices. Five major book publishers are accused of being in cahoots with Apple’s price fixing conspiracy. A U.S. district judge noted that the plaintiffs had met the standards to file the lawsuit.

The explosive lawsuit could result in Apple having to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to ebook customers, potentially having a major domino effect on the company’s stock. The company has declined to speak about the allegations.

This isn’t the first time that bad news has plagued the tech company. The DOJ filed an antitrust lawsuit two years ago against Apple and five book publishers. Just last year, the same district judge found Apple guilty of participating in an ebook price fixing scheme with publishers to compete with Inc’s dominant position in the marketplace. Apple is in the appeals process over that decision.

33 states have sued Apple on behalf of their consumer residents, while other individuals have filed the class-action suit addressed on Friday. The plaintiffs are seeking over $800 million in reparations. Last year, publishers agreed to settle antitrust damages for $166 million, which the judge said would be deducted from the overall damages once (and if) reparations are paid to the plaintiffs.

In an 86-page opinion granting the lawsuit, Judge Denise Cote said that nearly all of the members of the class-action suit had paid inflated prices for ebooks because of the price fixing scheme. To further the woes of the company, Cote denied the attempts of Apple’s chief experts to discredit the plaintiff’s expert witness. Two of Apple’s chief economists were rejected, all but eradicating any chance they had of killing the suit.

Cote found gaping flaws in Apple’s two chief-witness analyses. In a 59-page opinion, she wrote that their findings would only confuse, and possibly mislead, the jury. The plaintiff’s expert found that the ebook charges were inflated by 18.1%, whereas Apple’s experts found the inflation rate to be about 14.9%. Apple’s experts might still be able to present their data to the jury as a model, and their estimation may become the jumping-off point for the damages.

The case could begin as quickly as May, but though neither team feels that it will be ready that soon. The plaintiffs would like the trial scheduled for July, and Apple has asked to extend the consumer lawsuits by 90 days, which means that the case would not begin until September. Either way, Apple’s critics feel that the tech company is prolonging the inevitable: a huge chunk of change owed to its customers, a drop in consumer trust, and a monumental headache that could hurt the company’s business endeavors with other publishers in the future.


Libraries show their support for World Book Night

March 28, 2014
Thumbnail image for Libraries show their support for World Book Night

For the past few years, there has been a strong effort to get books to be a more important part of everyone’s life. One of the most successful ideas in recent years is World Book Night. Throughout one day, usually April 23rd, people from all over the world pass out free books to anyone and everyone. This April, many of us are taking to the streets to hand out some […]

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Did you know that public libraries offer technology classes?

March 21, 2014
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When you think of the public library, what image comes to your mind? Is it a quiet room filled with shelves, all lined with seemingly endless books waiting to be read? Of course, books have always been the backbone of libraries, but in today’s world, libraries offer so much more than just story time. Libraries give the members of the community a place to come and take classes in which […]

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Do we still need libraries?

March 14, 2014
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Once upon a time, a library was just about the only place that someone could go to get a book or go to read for free. Librarians knew their turf inside and out. Card catalogs were an essential part of stock organization. After this became outdated, the Dewey Decimal System reigned supreme. Libraries all over the country thrived as one of the main providers of free books and education. Then […]

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12 Years a Slave joins list of Oscar winning films based on books

March 7, 2014
Thumbnail image for 12 Years a Slave joins list of Oscar winning films based on books

When 12 Years a Slave won the Academy Award for Best Picture on March 2, 2014, it made history as the first film about slavery, or the black experience in America, to be given this award. The film is based on the memoir written by Solomon Northrup, a free black man who was drugged and sold into slavery in 1841. Therefore, it also joined the ranks of Academy Award-winning movies […]

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Are ebooks good or bad for public libraries?

February 28, 2014
Thumbnail image for Are ebooks good or bad for public libraries?

The topic of ebooks has been a hot-button issue for libraries for as long as electronic formats have been available. The transition to ebooks and the digital world certainly presents challenges that libraries must face. Many worry that ebooks will be the end of public libraries as we know them. The fear many public libraries have is that access to ereaders and ebooks might discourage people from borrowing and purchasing […]

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Policies that keep people from visiting their local library

February 17, 2014
Thumbnail image for Policies that keep people from visiting their local library

All the people who were involved with the amazing physical transformation of the library at Wilmington should be commended for the outstanding results, as well as the near lack of service interruption throughout the renovation. There were standards of historic preservation that were adhered to while the modernizing updates were going on. For example, the disability access should be lauded. Sadly, though, in just about every other way, restricted access […]

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Would you like to make a donation to support your local libraries?

February 14, 2014
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Sharon Furgason is the director of the McCowan Memorial Library, and it has been a stable fixture on Pitman Avenue since the early 1960s. However, since the economic downturn in 2008, Furgason has had to watch the public funding for her library dwindle, in tandem with the library funding law in the state, which links support to the average property values in the community. The issue is that Pitman’s property […]

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Friends make the difference at the Bettendorf Public Library

February 7, 2014
Thumbnail image for Friends make the difference at the Bettendorf Public Library

The Bettendorf Public Library is one of the most highly ranked in the country for member satisfaction. For libraries of its size in the United States, it is one of the most favorably rated and reviewed. Why is that? What is going on there? What is so special about the Bettendorf Public Library? After all, it’s not one of those new fancy all-digital public libraries. Well, the answer lies in […]

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