Apple might make ebook publishing announcement this month

It may be a new year, but you can still depend on hearing plenty of Apple rumors and speculation.  The latest being reported by AllThingsD is that Apple will be hosting a media-related event in New York this month.  The report claims “several sources” said the event would not be about iPad 3 or Apple TV.

This has created a wildfire of guesses as to what Apple might be discussing at the event.  One possibility is that they will launch a self-publishing platform for ebooks.  This would make sense given that Amazon has such a platform and Apple is competing with them in the ebook market.

Amazon has made several aggressive moves lately in ebooks with the Kindle Fire tablet, reduced Kindle prices, launch of Kindle books at public libraries, and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.  It’s natural for Apple to respond if they want to stay in the game.  A self-publishing platform for ebooks would be a great response.

Of course, like all Apple rumors, no one knows what the event will be about or even if there will be event.  When AllThingsD contacted Apple PR about the event they responded with a “happy new year.”