Bryan Stevenson to keynote Public Library Association 2014 Conference

Today the American Library Association announced the keynote speaker for the Public Library Association 2014 Conference. Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, will provide the keynote address at the opening session of the conference on March 12, 2014.

Stevenson is not only a speaker with a lot to say, he also has a powerful way of getting his message across. He is considered one of the most engaging speakers around, as he has a reputation for having one of the highest-rated and most-viewed TED Talks.

During his keynote address to the Public Library Association 2014 Conference, Stevenson will convey his inspiring message about the importance of equal and unbiased access to libraries. He believes that all libraries should focus on serving the entire community, and that includes providing equal access to every person regardless of their income, race, ethnicity or religion.

Stevens is currently the executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, which is a non-profit organization that provides public interest lawyers to clients whose social situations may prevent them from obtaining adequate legal counsel. Under his supervision and leadership, the EJI has won major cases in a variety of different arenas. It has helped to eliminate unfair sentencing, remove innocent people from death row across the country, address abuse of incarcerated prisoners and work with children who are tried as adults in the court of law.

Stevenson has not only been recognized by the American Library Association and the Public Library Association for his work in fighting racial injustice throughout the legal system in the United States, but he also has received a number of awards from various organizations. Awards he has received include the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship Award Prize, the National Public Interest Lawyer of the Year Award and the NAACP Ming Award for Advocacy, to name a few. He graduated from Harvard Law School and the Harvard School of Government, and works as a professor at the New York University School of Law.

His powerful message and unique experience is sure to resonate with library professionals who will be in attendance at the conference in March 2014. Those at the conference will find his speech to be not only informative, but also empowering as they gear up for another year of working to improve the library industry.

The Public Library Association 2014 Conference will take place from March 11-15 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This conference is designed for professionals who work in the public library industry, and promises to provide attendees with valuable information that they can integrate into their own libraries once they return home. The event will feature more than 100 different professional development programs, ensuring that there is something for everyone to take from the conference. In addition, there will be several different social events and networking opportunities for people who are at the conference.

People who are interested in the conference can register on the website starting Sept. 4, 2013.