Taneyhills Community Library joins consortium so they can offer ebooks

The Taneyhills Community Library in Branson, Missouri now officially offering ebooks. Kent Olson, Board President of the Taneyhills Community Library said the service became available to its patrons a week ago.

Olson said charging for library cards and other services at the library has helped make it possible to loan out ebooks. Without these small fees, he surmises, it would not have been possible to install an ebook system at this point in time. [Read more…]

Seattle Public Library encourages authors to write ebooks

Seattle Public Library is hoping to pique the interest of area writers with an opportunity to show off their talents in the form of an ebook.

The library has partnered with Smashwords, an independent publisher and distributor of ebooks, to offer a self-publishing platform for aspiring and established Seattle, Washington writers. The pair have also teamed up to offer a self-publishing contest, in which up to three individuals will have their ebooks placed into circulation of the library’s ebook collection. The contest runs through midnight on October 15, winners will be notified by November 15. Eligible entrants must have a Seattle Public Library card and be 18-years-old or older. [Read more…]

Amazon tries to appeal to Hachette authors

The feud between Amazon and Hachette has been detrimental to many authors and readers. Not only are readers not getting access to upcoming titles, authors are not able to market their new releases. Amazon, at least, is now making it possible for the authors to make a bit more money off the ebooks they do manage to sell. [Read more…]

Simon and Schuster ebooks are now available at libraries

Within the past decade, traditional hardbound paper books, which have been a staple in society for centuries have slowly given way for ebooks, or electronic books. There are many reasons why ebooks have experienced such a boom in popularity. For one, they are much more convenient. One ereader can hold up to thousands of books, making titles more accessible to readers across the world. That is why many major publishing companies have hopped on the ebook bandwagon. [Read more…]

Should public libraries sell ebooks?

Producers of ebooks have strongly resisted selling their collection to public libraries in the US and Canada. It took several large organizations and years of trying to increase awareness before they gave in. The American Library Association (ALA), 3M and Overdrive have lobbied the major book publishers for access to ebooks and now each major issuer has at least a pilot project or dispenses handpicked titles to public libraries. [Read more…]