Library of Congress to honor Willie Nelson with music prize

GuitarThere aren’t many more libraries in the land of the free that hold more clout that the Library of Congress. In fact, there are probably none. The national library has a number of duties in addition to standard and expected bookkeeping, and it is about to exercise one of those duties when it gives recognition to the legendary Willie Nelson. [Read more…]

Library renamed to honor librarian lost in Charleston tragedy

Police LineLast week, a tragedy occurred in a Charleston church that resulted in nine local residents losing their lives. While the community, now the subject of national and international press alike, has endured its share of suffering and mourning, a local library is taking time this week to recognize one of the victims that was near and dear to their operations. [Read more…]

Mt. Clemens Public Library celebrates 150th birthday

Book GiftWhile the modern day concept of a library has undergone several evolutions in the last couple of decades alone, the core concept of libraries as a place of knowledge and learning has existed in societies around the world for a very long time.  In the U.S., a country just under two and a half centuries old, we don’t have any ancient libraries, but we do have some impressive milestones of our own, nonetheless. [Read more…]

University of Iowa libraries help restore NCSML artifacts & manuscripts

UniversityIn 2008, Cedar Rapids experienced flooding that far and away exceeded the weather predictions residents had been given.  Experts predicted that the city would receive as much as two feet of flooding in certain areas.  Unfortunately for the National Czech and Slovak Museum & Library, they ended up with eight feet.  In an effort to protect their assets, the library staff had removed all books, manuscripts, and other materials from the bottom three feet of library storage.  Obviously, it wasn’t enough, and the damage that ensued was devastating.  Over $11 million in damage was incurred, and, needless to say, the staff was absolutely devastated. [Read more…]

Virginia looks to showcase libraries as community cornerstones

Kids LibraryLibraries serve their communities in so many ways that it’s hard to actually appreciate all that they do.  These days, technology has meant that that assistance has expanded even further, and libraries fill an even more diverse set of needs than before.  Rarely, however, are libraries appreciated like they should be, and certain districts in Virginia are setting out to actively change that. [Read more…]