Mount Vernon, IN library to receive 21st century makeover

Computer ClassIn a world that is only starting to recover from a recent economic crisis, it’s hard not to get bogged down on the negative.  Specifically when it comes to libraries, where funding has been bleak in recent years, shuttered doors and literary woes were abundant.  Now, however, many systems are seeing a resurgence in funding and community value, just like the Alexandrian Public Library in Mount Vernon, Indiana. [Read more…]

Idaho libraries are teaching patrons to build and program robots

RobotLibraries have, in recent years, made incredible strides in increasing the array of services and goods they offer to their patrons in an effort to keep up with the modern needs of the communities they serve.  Most of the time, this has meant the use of computers that have internet access, the rental of tablets and laptops, or even the ability to check out internet wifi hubs for home use.  It’s all pretty neat, but it doesn’t trump one upcoming offering recently announced by some public libraries in Idaho that is basically the stuff every young child’s dreams are made of:  Robot building classes. [Read more…]

New York Public Library offers free wireless mobile hotspots

LaptopNew York City understands the importance of internet access in our current day and age.  Even New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has proposed several measures in recent years to help bring access to those in the city who might not have it yet.  In many cases, city officials have found, cost is still a barrier that keeps some of its residents from getting online via their own broadband subscriptions. [Read more…]

Robots are coming to a library near you

RobotLibraries are becoming more and more high tech with ebooks, tablets, and virtual visits. But one feature at the Wesport Library in Connecticut is straight out of science fiction. The library will introduce a pair of toddler-sized robots named Vincent and Nancy. With flashing lights for eyes, an ability to sing, dance, and speak 19 different languages, the newest additions are expected to create a lot of excitement. [Read more…]