Connecticut college library offers therapy dogs for stressed students

The University of Connecticut (UConn) is doing something a little different than other Connecticut colleges to help its students prepare for final exams.  The Homer D. Babbidge Library at UConn is offering dogs to students through a program called Paws to Relax.

The idea is that having dogs available for college students to interact with will help them relax a bit while they prepare for final exams.  The library has offered the program for three years now and only offers the dogs during the week of exams.  The dogs are available on certain floors of the library during scheduled times.

The dogs are provided through a partnership with Tails of Joy, Inc. which is a group of volunteers that offers their pets to the community to provide therapeutic benefit.  Tails of Joy screens the dogs to make sure that they are of the right temperament to be utilized as a therapy dog.

Homer D. Babbidge Library reserve services coordinator Jo Ann Reynolds said the program is highly successful and that the program helps gives students a mental break from studying for finals.