Hawaii Public Libraries offering Microsoft IT certification

The Hawaii State Public Library System (HSPLS) is really flying on the technology train these days.  Last week, they started offering over 50,000 ebooks.  This week, HSPLS began offering Microsoft IT training programs to library patrons.  Hawaii will be the first state to participate in the Digital Literacy and Microsoft IT Academy programs in the country.  All library members will have access to over 350 Microsoft courses for free.

The training programs will train a wide variety of computer skills such as simple things like how to use Microsoft Word or Excel.  It will also include more advanced training like course materials and certification preparation for valuable Microsoft certifications.

The exam for the certifications will still have to be completed at an official Microsoft Certification testing location.

This truly is an exciting program for the HSPLS to be offering.  Being proficient with a computer is almost a requirement for any job these days.  It’s really cool to see that HSPLS is jumping on board to help people drastically improve their computer skills.  The fact that you can now get all the training and preparation for a valuable Microsoft certification for free is absolutely amazing.  Let’s hope libraries everywhere start offering these programs.