Here comes the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet

Barnes & Noble introduced their NOOK Tablet today.  The tablet will be running Google’s Android operating system and will be sold for $249.  You can pre-order the device from B&N starting today and it will be available on the 18th of November.

The tablet is essentially Barnes & Noble attempting to make sure their device has the specs to stand up to the new competition from Amazon’s Kindle Fire due out on the 15th of November.  It’s not a coincidence that B&N’s new tablet will launch only three days after the Kindle Fire.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been receiving massive media attention and early reports show that pre-orders are off the charts for the device.  It’s estimated that the NOOK Color was going to be the tablet that was hit the hardest from Amazon’s entry into the space.

The new NOOK Tablet is faster, lighter, and has much better specs than the Color.  We’ll see if its sales are an upgrade to the NOOK Color as well.  Either way, the options available for reading ebooks are getting better every day.