Illinois library to start loaning out video games

We’ve all heard about libraries offering all sorts of media besides books for a long time.  You can rent movies, music, audio books, and lately, ebooks.  Well you can add e-pwnage to that list.

Oswego Public Library District has set aside a cool thousand of their budget to purchase video games for their patrons to borrow.  They decided on the move after conducting a survey of what their members wanted.

They plan to buy 150 games with half for children and half for teens.  They will offer the games at their two locations.  The games available will be rated E for everyone or T for teen to avoid any controversy from parents.  That means you won’t find the recently launched Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 at your local branch.

No doubt this program will be an instant hit.  Pretty much any business where you can pay to rent something should in theory be very popular at a library for free.  Many other libraries have had success with video games.  It’ll be interesting to see if that holds true for video games at the library in a smaller city like Oswego, IL.