Occupy Wall Street Library dismantled during eviction

The Occupy Wall Street Library known as The People’s Library was dismantled last night when the protesters were removed from Zucotti Park.

The protesters were removed from the park last night for cleaning.  They were informed they could return but would not be allowed to have tents or sleeping bags in the park.  This will most likely end the protest movement and will almost definitely be the end of the library.

As for the books and materials, the Mayor’s office tweeted that the books were safely stored and could be picked up tomorrow.  They even included an image of the books so that the protesters would know the books were not destroyed.

The library was formed in the early days of the protest and was operated entirely by volunteers.  All the books and media were donated to the library and it was completely honor based.  It was truly a unique feature for a protest movement to have a library.



  1. Erik France says

    What an absurd action ordered by the Mayor. Maybe a bookmobile (with “proper permit”) would be a good successor, or even a series of roaming OWS bookmobiles?

  2. OWS Participant says

    It’s so lame that mayor Billionaireberg decided to do this to a library. Who’s books? Our books!