Self-published authors learn how to get their books into libraries

Are you associated with or working in a library? If so, you might want to prepare for an influx of bids from self-published authors asking you to stock their work. Just this week, the Book Expo America kicked off in New York City, with thousands of books, library, writing, and reading enthusiasts gathered to a plethora of various talks and events. Within the conference, however, sat uPublishU, a sub-conference whose talks focused entirely on the self-publishing market and what authors could do to expand the reach of their self-published books. One speaker, Ian Singer – the vice president of Library Journal – urged authors to do themselves a favor and get their work into the hands of librarians, and by extension onto the public library shelves of America. [Read more…]

SUV crash disturbs library patrons in a big way

Most people go to the library expecting a quiet, relaxing area in which to conduct work or research, or to read a new or favorite book in. It makes sense, presumably, as these types of activities are exactly what libraries are setup for. Unfortunately for half a dozen people in Spring Valley, NY, however, Tuesday evening was anything but relaxing. [Read more…]

Austin is getting an expensive library of the future

The people of Austin, Texas voted in 2006 to construct a new library in the middle of downtown on Cesear Chavez Street. The library, originally slated to cost $90 million, recently ran into some budget trouble and the leaders of the project asked for more funding – an additional $30 million, to be exact. [Read more…]

Do university students suffer when books get pulled from shelves?

Soon to join libraries across the country – and even across the world at many colleges and universities – Colby College of Maine is slated to move approximately 170,000 books into storage in the next year. This comes as a result of renovation plans which will turn some of the current library’s floor space into administrative offices. The other floor space gained, according to the school, will be used to give students increased study space for their personal use. [Read more…]

Los Angeles Unified School District closes school libraries

Elementary schools are the basic gardens for growing minds, and, inevitably, they’re where most people learn to take their first steps into the world of books and reading. Unfortunately for many students in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest district in the nation, libraries have been closing recently. Worse yet, there is no date set for the re-opening of many of these facilities. It’s hard to imagine a school without a library, but the reality is that the district simply doesn’t have sufficient funds to hire librarians and library aides for its facilities. [Read more…]