Coldplay hides handwritten lyrics in local libraries

Love ’em or hate ’em, Coldplay is a name with worldwide renown in the music world, and now they’ve got an interesting connection to libraries across the world as well. In publicity moves to garner buzz for their upcoming tour dates and sixth studio album, titled ‘Ghost Stories,’ the band has looked to libraries around the world to hide memorabilia for fans. Spread across local libraries in nine different countries, the band has hidden their singer’s handwritten lyrics for each of the album’s tracks. They’re hidden in books and collections about ghosts, of course. [Read more…]

Should public libraries sell ebooks?

Producers of ebooks have strongly resisted selling their collection to public libraries in the US and Canada. It took several large organizations and years of trying to increase awareness before they gave in. The American Library Association (ALA), 3M and Overdrive have lobbied the major book publishers for access to ebooks and now each major issuer has at least a pilot project or dispenses handpicked titles to public libraries. [Read more…]

Report showcases how libraries stay vital to their communities

“Lives change @ your Library” is the official theme for this year’s National Library Week. To kick off the event, on Monday, April 14, the American Library Association (ALA) released its “2014 State of America’s Libraries Report.” The 79-page report covers all things “library,” including politics, technology, laws, and even architecture. [Read more…]

Are ebooks better with sound effects?

Booktrack is a company which has produced a platform enabling sound to be added to an ebook. Some do not see the point of this, calling it gimmicky, but CEO Paul Cameron strongly disagrees with such assessments. He believes there is great potential to having sound playing while reading. Booktrack has already released one version of adding music to an ebook and has been working on another version that is about to be released. [Read more…]

Class action suit filed against Apple over ebook price fixing

Apple, the world tech super-company, is facing a whirlwind of backlash and bad news. On Friday, March 28, a group of New York consumers sued the tech giant for violating antitrust laws by fixing ebook prices. Five major book publishers are accused of being in cahoots with Apple’s price fixing conspiracy. A U.S. district judge noted that the plaintiffs had met the standards to file the lawsuit. [Read more…]