Libraries show their support for World Book Night

For the past few years, there has been a strong effort to get books to be a more important part of everyone’s life. One of the most successful ideas in recent years is World Book Night. Throughout one day, usually April 23rd, people from all over the world pass out free books to anyone and everyone. This April, many of us are taking to the streets to hand out some of our favorite novels. Are you wondering how this is possible? [Read more…]

Did you know that public libraries offer technology classes?

When you think of the public library, what image comes to your mind? Is it a quiet room filled with shelves, all lined with seemingly endless books waiting to be read? Of course, books have always been the backbone of libraries, but in today’s world, libraries offer so much more than just story time. Libraries give the members of the community a place to come and take classes in which they can learn new skills to enrich their lives. [Read more…]

Do we still need libraries?

Once upon a time, a library was just about the only place that someone could go to get a book or go to read for free. Librarians knew their turf inside and out. Card catalogs were an essential part of stock organization. After this became outdated, the Dewey Decimal System reigned supreme. Libraries all over the country thrived as one of the main providers of free books and education. [Read more…]

12 Years a Slave joins list of Oscar winning films based on books

When 12 Years a Slave won the Academy Award for Best Picture on March 2, 2014, it made history as the first film about slavery, or the black experience in America, to be given this award. The film is based on the memoir written by Solomon Northrup, a free black man who was drugged and sold into slavery in 1841. Therefore, it also joined the ranks of Academy Award-winning movies adapted from books. [Read more…]