Librarians & publishing industry come together on book recommendations

Algorithms and targeted marketing campaign programs have in many ways taken over the book-recommendation process across the globe. Whereas readers used to stop by their local library and talk to a librarian about the best books to read, many people now simply visit Amazon and find out what the bookselling giant recommends for them based on page views, purchases and their other Internet activity trends. Seeing a need to reach out to the consumer and provide helpful, beneficial librarian recommendations to readers, the American Library Association is launching LibraryReads in the fall of 2013. [Read more…]

Howard County Library System earns Library of the Year award

Nestled in the heart of Columbia, Maryland lies one of the best library systems in the country. Given its innovative nature and its commitment to developing a library system that is useful for the members of the community, Howard County Library System was named the 2013 Library of the Year. This award is given by Gale and the Library Journal and comes with a $10,000 prize. [Read more…]

Number of independent booksellers growing each year

The independent bookselling industry is growing again, according to a recent article published by NPR. Independent booksellers have had a tough time the last several decades, as corporate conglomerates, giant online warehouses and the rise of ebooks have taken their toll on the industry. However, the American Bookseller Association is stating that their membership numbers are on the rise, and have been for the last four years. [Read more…]

Stephen King takes a stand against ebooks

Stephen King, one of the best-selling authors of our time, was once considered to be a pioneer in the world of digital books. Now, he’s taking a stand in the book industry and will not be releasing his latest novel “Joyland” in digital form. King claims that he is withholding the digital rights in order to take a stand against the ebook industry and inspire readers to buy physical books again. [Read more…]

National Medal for Museum and Library Service awarded to 10 institutions

First Lady Michelle Obama recognized 10 different institutions throughout the United States on May 8 with the National Medal for Museum and Library Service for their exemplary performance throughout 2013. The First Lady stated that these institutions went above and beyond the call of duty throughout the past year, providing members of the public with a place where they could go to learn and experience new things. [Read more…]