Google Cultural Institute could be part of a national digital library

Imagine a public library that focused on providing access to digital versions of books, photographs, historical records, audio recordings and videos to anyone with access to the Internet.  The library’s mission would be to efficiently store a huge amount of digital content and make it easily searchable and accessible. [Read more…]

Amazon unveils new Kindles that should make more people read ebooks

In a much anticipated move, Amazon introduced their next generation of Kindles today.  In general, the new devices are faster, better and cost less than last year’s batch.

It looks like Amazon is going for the Goldilocks approach when it comes to ereaders and tablets.  They pretty much have a device for everyone.  On a budget?  Get the entry level Kindle ereader for only $69 ($10 less than it was last year).   Want a built-in light?  The new Kindle Paperwhite (replaces Kindle touch and adds a built-in light) is for you. [Read more…]

Amazon Kindle Owners’ Lending Library now has over 200,000 ebooks

Amazon can put another notch in their ebook “library” bedpost.  As of this writing, there are now 200,433 ebook titles in the list of ebooks in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

Amazon’s Lending Library launched under a year ago on November 3, 2011.  It allows anyone that owns a Kindle and that subscribes to Amazon Prime for $79 per year to be able to borrow one ebook from the library for free each month.  There is no such thing as a limited number of copies and there are no wait lists.  If you want an ebook that’s in the list you simply click a button and boom you’ve got your borrowed ebook for free.  Once the next month starts you can get another one for free. [Read more…]

100 million ebooks downloaded from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Amazon has done the unthinkable…again.  The company announced today that over 100 million ebooks have been either borrowed or purchased from their Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

We remember way back when Amazon launched the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library ten months ago how it only had 5,400 titles in it.  Now the library contains over 180,000 ebooks.  That means the company has added over 17,000 ebooks a month or 580 ebooks a day since it launched the library. [Read more…]

Amazon sticks with suspended payments

Amazon just let everyone know how they feel about the new ebook crowdfunding site  Amazon Payments has been the payment processor for since they launched in May, but last week they decided to pull the plug and halted all transactions from the site. [Read more…]