Charging sales tax on ebooks could be really good for libraries

Get ready for prices to go up on everything you buy online.  The Wall Street Journal recently reported that tax breaks for online shoppers might be nearing their end.  Internet sales and digital goods might soon be subject to sales tax just like physical goods and physical store sales.  This means that customers would be charged sales tax when they purchase an ebook.  This could be good news for libraries. [Read more…]

Free ebooks are available at your local public library!

Over 75 percent of U.S. libraries lend out ebooks for free and thousands of them have had ebooks available since 2007.  A lot of libraries (39.1 percent) even loan out ereaders!  You would think most people would know that you could get free ebooks at the library by now.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case according to a new Pew report on libraries. [Read more…]

Ebooks now outsell hardcover print books

Ebooks have passed another significant milestone on their way to becoming the most popular book format.  For the first time ever ebooks outsold hardcover books.

Last week, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) released sales figures for the first quarter of 2012.  The data showed that ebook revenues increased 28 percent to $282.3M and that adult hardcover revenues increased 2.7 percent to $229.6M.  Adult paperback was still the largest single category with $229.8M in revenues which was a decrease of 10.5 percent from the previous year.  Adult mass market paperback experienced a precipitous decline of 20.8 percent to $98.9M in revenue. [Read more…]