Publishers claim file sharing sites are hosting pirated ebooks

An international coalition of book publishers that includes members of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) has taken legal action against and  The two file sharing sites were served court orders in Ireland alleging that the sites are hosting pirated ebooks and making them available for free. [Read more…]

Penguin delivers crushing blow to ebook lending at public libraries

Starting today, Penguin is no longer selling ebooks or audiobooks to libraries through OverDrive.  Penguin is a “Big Six” publisher and represents a huge portion of the ebooks available at public libraries.  The impact of this move will be absolutely devastating on ebook lending at public libraries. [Read more…]

Why are ebooks so expensive?

Self publish vs TraditionalYou would think this is a pretty stupid question.  Aren’t all things the price they are because of basic supply and demand?  Normally that answer would work as a satisfactory explanation, but the prices of ebooks don’t seem to make sense in a lot of cases. [Read more…]