Libraries need to unite in battle for ebooks

Libraries are bringing a knife to a fight where book publishers, Apple, and Amazon are all bringing guns.  The only way libraries are going to stand a chance is if they combine their budgets and start working as a single entity when buying ebooks. [Read more…]

Average librarian salary

DollarsOne of the most common questions we get asked is what the average salary of a librarian is.  The simple answer is “not enough”.

All joking aside, the answer to the question is actually fairly complicated.  There are so many different types of librarians working at several different types of libraries.  You really need to clarify what type of librarian you’re talking about if you want an accurate salary range.  There are a some broad studies of librarian salaries though. [Read more…]

Chicago public libraries will be closed on Mondays

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has decided to close Chicago branch libraries for the entire day on Mondays as the way to implement his 2012 budget cuts.  His original plan was to cut $11 million from the Chicago library system budget, layoff 363 library employees, and close libraries for eight hours a week.  After massive public outcry and protest, Emanuel relented and decided to cut $8 million and layoff 176 instead.  The reduced 2012 Chicago public library cuts were passed unanimously by city aldermen in November of last year. [Read more…]