Wisconsin public libraries combine budgets for ebooks

385 library branches in 17 library systems in Wisconsin have decided to combine their ebook budgets.

The move makes a lot of sense.  Location is meaningless in the digital world and every librarian knows that the bigger and better the collection is, the happier the patrons are.  This will allow all of the public libraries in Wisconsin to offer their patrons a larger digital collection of ebooks than they would be able to offer on their own. [Read more…]

State funding for California public libraries entirely cut

Automatic budget cuts were triggered today that resulted in completely cutting off all state funding for California public libraries.

Earlier this year, Governor Jerry Brown signed a budget that cut state funding for libraries in California in half from the previous year.  He originally proposed to get rid of all state funding for libraries but agreed to keeping half after the California Library Association got involved. [Read more…]

Seattle Public Library asks for a property tax increase

The Seattle Public Library (SPL) is asking the Seattle City Council to a put a property tax increase specifically for libraries on the August primary ballot next year.

The library believes that Seattle residents value their libraries highly and is hoping that they will vote in favor of higher property taxes to guarantee stable funding for them. [Read more…]