Phone booth library

Phone Booth LibraryRemember phone booths?  You know those rectangle boxes that superman would use to change into his superman clothes?  The thing you would put a quarter in (or a dime if you’re really old) to make a phone call?  Well now that everyone including 10 year olds have cell phones, we no longer need phone booths.

It appears they don’t need them in the UK either.  In Somerset, they decided to turn a phone booth into a library.  Some would probably call that crazy, but we call it totally awesome!

The ground floor is home to the children’s department which of course has children’s books.  The 2nd and 3rd floors are home to more advanced reading.  We’re guessing it’s really easy to call the library to put a book on hold too.  The building is energy efficient and all the materials used to build the facility are recycled.

Anyways, we love this small library in the UK.