Washington DC Public Library forgiving fines for two months

The Washington DC Public Library has decided to give two months of amnesty to anyone that owes the library a fine or a fee for losing, damaging, or not returning a borrowed product that belongs to the library.

The Check It In campaign has a couple goals.  One is to recover as many overdue books, cds, and dvds as possible.  The other is to get previous library patrons that have avoided the library due to fines or fees to come back to the library and start using it again.

Getting library materials back will benefit everyone that uses the library and getting alienated library patrons to return will help boost circulation numbers.

To participate in the program, residents that owe fines just need to show up with valid ID at a local DC library branch sometime before 2/5/2012.

If you owe the DC Public Library a fine or fee, then it looks like they just gave you an early Christmas present.  Just make sure you unwrap it before February 5th.