Where would we be without our public libraries?

Public libraries are not just book repositories with librarians shushing people and deciphering the Dewey Decimal System.  Modern libraries are so much more than just books.  One particular library has captured the value of libraries in a video called “Where would you be without your library?”.

A tiny little library located in a spec on the map known as Shutesbury, MA has created a remarkable video that encapsulates a lot of what makes every library great.  The video is a creative attempt by Shutesbury Library to raise $1.4 million so that they can build a new library for their town.

The library is currently in a building that was built in 1902.  The building has no running water, has a composting toilet, and has a heater that gets so hot it melts the soles of patrons’ shoes.  If the library can raise $1.4 million, the state will provide $2.1 million for them to build a new building.

$1.4 million is a tall order considering that the town has a population of 1771 according to the latest Census.  That works out to $791 per person.  But the library is optimistic that they can reach their goal.  The video has only been on YouTube for three weeks and they have already raised over $200,000.

It’s amazing that such a moving video about what libraries have to offer came from one of the smallest libraries out there.  Large, urban libraries might want to take some notes from their rural counterparts.

If you would like to help Shutesbury Library, you can make a donation at mnspear.org.