Maine Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Maine. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possiblity that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under an alternative name.
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ActonActon Public Library35 H Road-Route 10904001(207) 636-2781
AddisonMayhew Library Assn290 Water Street04606
AlbionAlbion Public Library18 Main Street04910(207) 437-2220
AlbionAlbion Public Library18 Main Street(207) 437-2616
AlfredParsons Memorial Library27 Saco Road04002(207) 324-2001
AllagashAllagash Public Library894 Allagash Road(207) 398-4454
AllagashFaye Oleary Hafford Library1063 Allagash Road04774(207) 398-4454
AndoverAndover Public Library46 Church Street04216(207) 392-4841
AppletonMilldred Stevens Williams Memorial Library2957 Sennebec Road04862(207) 785-5656
AshlandAshland Community Library57 Exchange Street04732(207) 435-6532
AuburnAuburn Public Library49 Spring Street04210(207) 333-6640
AugustaLithgow Public Library45 Winthrop Street04330(207) 626-2415
BaileyvilleWoodland Public Library169 Main Street04694(207) 427-3235
BangorBangor Public Library145 Harlow Street04401(207) 947-8336
Bar HarborJesup Memorial Library34 Mount Desert Street04609(207) 288-4245
Bar MillsBerry Memorial Library93 Main Street04004(207) 929-5484
BathPatten Free Library33 Summer Street04530(207) 443-5141
BelfastBelfast Free Library106 High Street04915(207) 338-3884
BelgradeBelgrade Public Library1 Center Drive04917(207) 495-3508
BernardBass Harbor Memorial Library89 Main Street04612(207) 244-3798
BernardTremont - Bass Harbor Memorial Library(207) 244-3798
BerwickBerwick Public Library103 Old Pine Hill Road North03901(207) 698-5737
BethelBethel Library Assn5 Broad Street04217(207) 824-2520
BiddefordMcarthur Public Library270 Main Street04005(207) 284-4181
BinghamBingham Union Library297 Main Street04920(207) 672-3002
Blue HillBlue Hill Library5 Parker Point Road(207) 374-5515
Blue HillBlue Hill Public Library5 Parker Point Road04614(207) 374-5515
Boothbay HarborBoothbay Harbor Memorial Library4 Oak Street04538(207) 633-3112
BowdoinhamBowdoinham Public Library13a School Street04008(207) 666-8405
BradfordJohn B. Curtis Free Public Library435 Main Rd04410(207) 327-2923
BremenBremen Public Library204 Waldoboro Rd04551(207) 529-5572
BrewerBrewer Public Library100 South Main Street04412(207) 989-7943
BridgtonBridgton Public Library1 Church Street04009(207) 647-2472
BrooklinFriend Memorial Public Library1 Reach Road04616(207) 359-2276
BrooksvilleBrooksville Free Public Library1 Town House Road04617(207) 326-4560
BrownfieldBrownfield Public Library216 Main Street04010(207) 935-3003
BrownfieldBrownfield Public Library(207) 935-3003
BrownvilleBrownville Public Library27 Church Street04414
BrunswickCurtis Memorial Library23 Pleasant Street04011(207) 725-5242
Bryant PondWhitman Memorial Library28 South Main Street04219(207) 665-2505
BuckfieldZadoc Long Free Library5 Turner Street04220(207) 336-2171
BucksportBuck Memorial Library47 Main Street04416(207) 469-2650
BuxtonWest Buxton Public Library34 River Road (Route 112)04093(207) 727-5898
CalaisCalais Free Library9 Union Street04619(207) 454-2758
CamdenCamden Public Library55 Main Street04843(207) 236-3440
CanaanCanaan Public Library288 Main Street04924(207) 474-6397
Cape ElizabethCape Elizabeth - Thomas Memorial Library6 Scott Dyer Road(207) 799-1720
Cape ElizabethThomas Memorial Library6 Scott Dyer Rd.04107(207) 799-1720
Cape PorpoiseCape Porpoise Library173 Main Street04014(207) 967-5668
CaribouCaribou Public Library30 High Street04736(207) 493-4214
CarmelSimpson Memorial Library8 Plymouth Rd04419(207) 848-7145
CarrabassettCarrabassett Valley Public Library1234 Carrabassett Drive04947(207) 235-2211
CascoCasco Public Library5 Leach Hill Road04015(207) 627-4541
CastineWitherle Memorial Library41 School Street04421(207) 326-4375
CharlestonCharleston Public Library13 Atkinson Road04422(207) 285-3680
ChebeagueCumberland - Chebeague Island Library25 South Road, Rr 1(207) 846-4351
Chebeague IslandChebeague Island Library247 South Road, Unit 304017(207) 846-4351
CherryfieldCherryfield Public Library35 Main Street04622(207) 546-4228
China VillageAlbert Church Brown Memorial Library37 Main Street04926(207) 787-3155
Cliff IslandCliff Island Library119 Sunset Avenue04019(207) 766-5188
ClintonBrown Memorial Library - Clinton53 Railroad Street04927(207) 426-8686
ClintonClinton - Brown Memorial Library14 Railroad Street(207) 426-8686
CooperCooper Free Public Library(207) 454-7383
CorinnaStewart Free Library8 Levi Stewart Drive04928(207) 278-2454
CorinthAtkins Memorial Library360 Main Street04427(207) 285-7226
CornishBonney Memorial Library36 Main Street04020(207) 625-8083
Cranberry IslesGreat Cranberry Library13 Main Road04625(207) 244-7358
CumberlandPrince Memorial Library266 Main Street04021(207) 829-2215
CushingCushing Public Library39 Cross Road04563(207) 354-8860
CutlerLouise Clements Library2655 Cutler Road04626(207) 259-3693
DamariscottaSkidompha Public Library184 Main Street04543(207) 563-5513
DanforthDanforth Public Library46 Central Street04424(207) 448-2055
Deer IsleChase Emerson Memorial Library17 Main Street04627(207) 348-2899
DenmarkDenmark Public Library121 East Main Street04022(207) 452-2200
DennysvilleLincoln Memorial Library - Dennysville17 King Street04628(207) 726-4750
DetroitAnna Field Fernald Library35 South Main Street04929(207) 257-4488
DexterAbbott Memorial Library1 Church Street04930(207) 924-7292
DixfieldLudden Memorial Library42 Main Street04224(207) 562-8838
Dover-FoxcroftThompson Free Library186 East Main St.04426(207) 564-3350
DresdenBridge Academy Public Library44 Middle Road04342(207) 737-8810
E. WaterboroWaterboro Public Library187 Main St.04030(207) 247-3363
East BaldwinBrown Memorial Library - Baldwin2 Norton Place04024(207) 787-3155
East Blue HillEast Blue Hill Public Library9 Curtis Cove Road04629(207) 374-5577
East MachiasEast Machias - Sturdivant Public Library(207) 255-0070
East MachiasSturdivant Public Library514 Main Street04630(207) 255-0070
East MillinocketEast Millinocket Public Library53 Main Street04430(207) 746-3554
East SebagoSebago - Spaulding Memorial Library(207) 787-2321
East VassalboroVassalboro Public Library930 Bog Road04935(207) 923-3233
EastportPeavey Memorial Library26 Water Street04631(207) 853-4021
EliotWilliam Fogg Public Library116 Old Road03903(207) 439-9437
EllsworthEllsworth Public Library20 State Street04605(207) 667-6363
EnfieldCole Memorial Library789 Hammett Road04493(207) 732-4270
FairfieldLawrence Public Library33 Lawrence Avenue04937(207) 453-6867
FalmouthFalmouth Memorial Library5 Lunt Road04105(207) 781-2351
FarmingtonFarmington Public Library117 Academy Street04938(207) 778-4312
FayetteUnderwood Memorial Library2006 Main Street04349(207) 685-3778
Fort FairfieldFort Fairfield Public Library339 Main Street04742(207) 472-3880
Fort KentFort Kent Public Library1 Monument Square04743(207) 834-3048
FrankfortFrankfort - Pierce Reading Room Library(207) 000-0000
FrankfortWaldo Peirce Reading Room11a Main Road South04438(207) 223-4438
FreeportFreeport Community Library10 Library Drive04032(207) 865-3307
FrenchboroFrenchboro Public Library04635(207) 334-2924
FriendshipFriendship Public Library3 Main Street04547(207) 832-5332
FryeburgFryeburg Public Library515 Main Street04037(207) 935-2731
GardinerGardiner Public Library152 Water Street04345(207) 582-3312
GarlandGarland - Lyndon Oak Memorial Library(207) 000-0000
GarlandLyndon Oak Memorial Library5 Dexter Road04939
GeorgetownLaura E. Richards Library863 Five Islands Road04548(207) 371-9995
GlenburnGlenburn Library991 Hudson Road04401(207) 942-9897
GorhamBaxter Memorial Library71 South Street04038(207) 839-5031
GorhamNorth Gorham Public Library2 Standish Neck Road04038(207) 892-2575
GorhamSouth Windham Public Library857 Gray Road04038
GrayGray Public Library5 Hancock Street04039(207) 657-4110
GreeneJulia Adams Morse Memorial Library105 Main Street04236(207) 946-5544
GreenvilleShaw Public Library - Greenville9 Lily Bay Road04441(207) 695-3579
GuilfordGuilford Memorial Library4 Library Street04443(207) 876-4547
HallowellHubbard Free Library115 Second Street04347(207) 622-6582
HampdenEdythe Dyer Community Library269 Main Road North04444(207) 862-3550
HarpswellCundys Harbor Library935 Cundys Harbor Road04079(207) 725-1461
HarringtonGallison Memorial Library1292 Main Street04643(207) 483-4547
HarringtonHarrington - Gallison Memorial Library(207) 483-4547
HarrisonBolsters Mills Village Library659 Bolsters Mills Road04040(207) 583-6421
HarrisonHarrison Village Library4 Front Street04040(207) 583-2970
HartlandHartland Public Library16 Mill Street04943(207) 938-4702
HiramSoldiers Memorial Library85 Main Street04041(207) 625-4650
HollisHollis Center Public Library14 Little Falls Road04042(207) 929-3911
HollisSalmon Falls Library322 Old Alfred Road04042(207) 929-3990
HopeHope Library443 Camden Road04847(207) 763-3548
HoultonCary Library-Houlton107 Main Street04730(207) 532-1302
HowlandThomas Free Library8 Main Street04448
Island FallsKatahdin Public Library20 Library Street04747
Isle Au HautIsle Au Haut - Revere Memorial Library(207) 000-0000
Isle-Au-HautRevere Memorial Library8 Main Street04645
IslesboroAlice L. Pendleton Library309 Main Road04848(207) 734-2218
IslesfordCranberry Isles - Islesford Library(207) 244-9565
IslesfordIslesford Library10 Mosswood Road04646(207) 244-9565
JackmanJackman Public Library604 Main Street04945(207) 668-2110
JeffersonJefferson Public Library48 Washington Road04348(207) 549-7491
JonesportJonesport - Peabody Memorial Library(207) 000-0000
JonesportPeabody Memorial Library162 Main Street04649(207) 497-3003
KenduskeagCase Memorial Library911 Stetson Road04450(207) 884-8598
KenduskeagKenduskeag - Case Memorial Library911 Stetson Road(207) 884-8598
KennebunkKennebunk Free Library112 Main Street04043(207) 985-2173
KennebunkportGraves Memorial Library18 Maine Street04046(207) 967-2778
Kezar FallsParsonsfield Public Library(207) 625-4689
KingfieldWebster Free Library22 Depot Street04947(207) 265-2052
KitteryRice Public Library8 Wentworth Street03904(207) 439-1553
LebanonLebanon Town Library649 Center Road04027(603) 833-3318
LevantLevant Heritage Library3519 Union Street04456(207) 884-8988
LewistonLewiston Public Library200 Lisbon Street04240(207) 513-3004
LibertyIvan O. Davis-Liberty Library59 Main Street04949(207) 589-3161
LimerickLimerick Public Library55 Washington Street04048(207) 793-8975
LimestoneFrost Memorial Library238 Main Street(207) 325-4706
LimestoneRobert A. Frost Memorial Library42 Main Street04750(207) 325-4706
LimingtonDavis Memorial Library928 Cape Road04049(207) 637-2422
LincolnLincoln Memorial Library21 West Broadway04457(207) 794-2765
LisbonLisbon Library Dept28 Main Street04252(207) 353-6564
LivermoreLivermore Public Library22 Church Street04253(207) 897-7173
Livermore FallsTreat Memorial Library56 Main Street04254(207) 897-3631
Long IslandLong Island Community Library7 Gorham Street04050(207) 766-2530
LovellCharlotte Hobbs Memorial Library227 Main Street04051(207) 925-3177
LovellHill Memorial Librarybox 470(207) 928-2301
LovellLewis Dana Hill Memorial Library2079 Main Street04016(207) 928-2301
LubecLubec Memorial Library55 Water Street04652(207) 733-2491
LymanLyman Community Library10 John Street04002(207) 499-7114
MachiasMachias - Porter Memorial Library52 Court Street(207) 255-3933
MachiasPorter Memorial Library92 Court St04654(207) 255-3933
MadawaskaMadawaska Public Library393 East Main Street04756(207) 728-3606
MadisonMadison Public Library12 Old Point Avenue04950(207) 696-5626
Mars HillWalter T. A. Hansen Memorial Library10 Hansen Street04758(207) 429-9625
MattawamkeagMattawamkeag Public Library327 Main Street04459(207) 736-7013
Mechanic FallsMechanic Falls Public Library15 Elm Street04256(207) 345-9450
MercerMercer - Shaw Library(207) 587-2911
MercerShaw Public Library - Mercer77 Main Street04957(207) 587-2529
MexicoMexico Free Public Library134 Main Street04257(207) 364-3281
MilbridgeMilbridge Public Library22 School Street04658(207) 546-3066
MillinocketMillinocket Memorial Library5 Maine Avenue04462(207) 723-7020
MiloMilo Free Public Library4 Pleasant Street04463(207) 943-2612
Monhegan IslandMonhegan Memorial Library1 Library Lane04852(207) 594-0549
MonmouthCumston Public Library796 Main Street04259(207) 933-4788
MonroeMonroe Community Library8 Swan Lake Avenue04951(207) 525-3515
MonsonMonson Public Library10 Tenney Hill Road04464(207) 997-3785
Mount DesertSomesville Library Association116 Main Street04660(207) 244-7404
Mount VernonDr.Shaw Memorial Library344 Pond Road04352(207) 293-2565
NaplesNaples Public Library940 Roosevelt Trail04055(207) 693-6841
New GloucesterNew Gloucester Public Library379 Intervale Road04260(207) 926-4840
New PortlandNew Portland Community Library899 River Road04961(207) 628-6561
New SharonJim Ditzler Memorial Library37 Library Road04955(207) 779-1128
New VineyardNew Vineyard Public Library20 Lake Street04956(207) 652-2250
NewfieldNewfield Village Library-Reading Room637 Water Street04056
NewportNewport Public Library145 Main Street04953(207) 368-5074
NorridgewcockNorridgewock Free Public Library86 Sophie May Lane04957(207) 634-2828
North AnsonStewart Public Library37 Elm Street04958(207) 635-3212
North BerwickD.A. Hurd Library41 High Street03906(207) 676-2215
North BridgtonBridgton - North Bridgton Public Library(207) 647-8563
North BridgtonNorth Bridgton Public Library113 Waterford Rd04057(207) 647-8563
North HavenNorth Haven Public Library33 Main Street04853(207) 867-9797
North JayJay-Niles Memorial Library983 Main Street04262(207) 645-4062
North MonmouthMonmouth - North Monmouth Public Library(207) 933-3010
North MonmouthNorth Monmouth Public Library132 North Main Street04265(207) 933-3010
Northeast HarborNortheast Harbor Library1 Joy Road04662(207) 276-3333
NorwayNorway Memorial Library258 Main Street04268(207) 743-5309
OaklandOakland Public Library18 Church Street04963(207) 465-7533
Ocean ParkOcean Park Memorial Library11 Temple Avenue04063(207) 934-1853
Ocean ParkOld Orchard Beach - Ocean Park Memorial Libbox 336(207) 934-1853
OgunquitOgunquit Memorial Library166 Shore Road03907(207) 646-9024
Old Orchard BeachLibby Memorial Library27 Staples Street04064(207) 934-4351
Old TownOld Town Public Library46 Middle Street04468(207) 827-3972
OronoOrono Public Library16 Goodridge Drive04473(207) 866-5060
OrringtonOrrington Public Library15 School Street04474(207) 825-4938
Orrs IslandOrrs Island Library1699 Harpwell Islands Road (Rt. 24)04066(207) 833-7811
OtisOtis Public Library132 Otis Road04605
OtisfieldHarrison - Bolsters Mills Village Library6 Big Hill Road(207) 583-6421
Owls HeadOwls Head Village Library31 South Shore Drive04854(207) 593-0302
OxfordFreeland Holmes Library109 Pleasant Street04270(207) 539-4016
PalermoPalermo Community Library2315 Route 304354(207) 993-6088
ParisHamlin Memorial Library16 Hannibal Hamlin Drive04271(207) 743-2980
ParisParis - Hamlin Memorial Library(207) 743-2980
ParkmanHarvey Memorial Library771 State Highway 15004443(207) 876-3730
ParsonsfieldKezar Falls Circulating Library11 Waddly Street04047(207) 625-2424
PattenVeterans Memorial Library30 Main Street04765(207) 528-2164
Peaks IslandPeaks Island Branch Library129 Island Avenue(207) 766-5540
PemaquidBristol Area Library619 Old County Road04554(207) 677-2115
PembrokePembroke Library221 Old County Road04666(207) 726-4745
PhillipsPhillips Public Library96 Main Street04966(207) 639-2665
PhippsburgAlbert F. Totman Library28 Parker Head Road04562(207) 389-2309
PittsfieldPittsfield Public Library110 Library Street04967(207) 487-5880
PolandRicker Memorial Library1211 Maine Street04274(207) 998-4390
PortlandBurbank Branch Library377 Stevens Avenue(207) 774-4229
PortlandMunjoy Branch Library195 North Street(207) 772-4581
PortlandPeaks Island Branch129 Island Avenue(207) 766-5540
PortlandPortland Public Library467 Congress Street04101(207) 871-1700
PortlandReiche Branch Library166 Brackett Street(207) 774-6871
PortlandRiverton Branch Library1600 Forest Avenue(207) 797-2915
Presque IsleMark And Emily Turner Memorial Library39 Second Street04769(207) 764-2571
PrincetonPrinceton Public Library40 Main Street04668(207) 796-5333
Prospect HarborDorcas Library28 Main Street04669(207) 963-4027
RangeleyRangeley Public Library7 Lake Street04970(207) 864-5529
RaymondRaymond Village Library3 Meadow Rd04071(207) 655-4283
ReadfieldReadfield Community Library1151 Main Street04355(207) 685-4089
RichmondIsaac F Umberhine Public Library86 Main Street04357(207) 737-2770
RocklandRockland Public Library80 Union St.04841(207) 594-0310
RockportRockport Public Library1 Limerock Street04856(207) 236-3642
RumfordRumford Public Library56 Rumford Ave.04276(207) 364-3661
SabattusTown Square Library1 Sabattus Mall(207) 375-6076
SacoDyer Library371 Main Street04072(207) 283-3861
SanfordGoodall Memorial Library952 Main Street04073(207) 324-4714
SangervilleSangerville Public Library1 Town Hall Ave04479(207) 876-3491
SargentvilleSargentville Library Assn653 Reach Road04673
ScarboroughScarborough Public Library48 Gorham Road04074(207) 883-4723
Seal HarborMount Desert - Seal Harbor Library(207) 276-5306
SearsmontSearsmont Town Library37 Main St. South04973(207) 342-5549
SearsportCarver Memorial Library12 Union Street04974(207) 548-2303
SebagoSpaulding Memorial Library282 Sebago Road04029(207) 787-2321
SedgwickSedgwick Library Assn45 Main Street04676(207) 359-2177
ShapleighShapleigh Community Library607 Shapleigh Corner Road04076(207) 636-3630
ShermanSherman Public Library9 Church Street04776(207) 365-4882
SkowheganSkowhegan Public Library9 Elm Street04976(207) 474-9072
SolonCoolidge Library17 South Main Street04979(207) 643-2562
SolonSolon - Coolidge Library(207) 643-2562
South BerwickSouth Berwick Public Library37 Portland St.03908(207) 384-3308
South BristolRutherford Library2000 State Route 12904568(207) 644-1882
South ChinaSouth China Public Library247 Village St.04358(207) 445-3094
South ParisParis Public Library37 Market Square04281(207) 743-6994
South PortlandMemorial Branch Library155 Wescott Road(207) 775-1835
South PortlandSouth Portland Public Library482 Broadway04106(207) 767-7660
South ThomastonSouth Thomaston Public Library8 Dublin Rd04858(207) 596-0022
SouthportSouthport Memorial Library1032 Hendricks Hill Road04576(207) 633-2741
Southwest HarborSouthwest Harbor Public Library338 Main Street04679(207) 244-7065
SpringvaleSpringvale Public Library443 Main Street04083(207) 324-4624
St. AgathaLong Lake Public Library384 Main Street04772(207) 543-9395
StandishStandish - Richville Library743 Richville Road(207) 642-4698
Steep FallsSteep Falls Library1128 Pequawket Trail04085(207) 675-3132
StetsonStetson Public Library70 Village Road04488(207) 296-2020
SteubenHenry D. Moore Library22 Village Road04680(207) 546-7301
Stockton SpringsStockton Springs Community Library6 Station Street04981(207) 567-4147
StoningtonStonington Public Library64 Main Street04681(207) 367-5926
StrattonStratton Public Library88 Main Street04982(207) 246-4401
StrongStrong Public Library14 South Main St.04983(207) 684-4003
SullivanFrenchmans Bay Library1776 Us Highway 104664(207) 422-2307
Swans IslandSwans Island Public Library451 Atlantic Road04685(207) 526-4330
Tenants HarborJackson Memorial Library38 Main Street04860(207) 372-8961
ThomastonThomaston Public Library60 Main Street04861(207) 354-2453
TopshamTopsham Public Library25 Foreside Road04086(207) 725-1727
TurnerTurner Public Library98 Matthews Way04282(207) 225-2030
UnionVose Library343 Common Road04862(207) 785-4733
UnityDorothy W Quimby Library90 Quaker Hill Road04988(207) 948-3131
Van BurenAbel J.Morneault Memorial Library153 Main Street04785(207) 868-5076
VinalhavenVinalhaven Public Library6 Carver Street04863(207) 863-4401
WaldoboroWaldoboro Public Library958 Main Street04572(207) 832-4484
WarrenWarren Free Public Library282 Main Street04864(207) 273-2900
WashburnWashburn Memorial Library1290 Main Street04786(207) 455-4814
WashingtonGibbs Library40 Old Union Road04574(207) 845-2663
WaterfordWaterford Library Association663 Waterford Road04088(207) 583-2050
WatervilleWaterville Public Library73 Elm Street04901(207) 872-5433
WayneCary Memorial Library-Wayne17 Old Winthrop Road04284(207) 685-3612
WeldWeld Public Library25 Church Street04285(207) 585-2439
WellsWells Public Library1434 Post Road04090(207) 646-8181
West ParisWest Paris Public Library226 Main Street04289(207) 674-2004
WestbrookWalker Memorial Library800 Main Street04092(207) 854-0630
WestbrookWarren Memorial Library479 Main Street04092(207) 854-5891
WhitneyvilleWhitneyville Public Library51 School Street04654(207) 255-8077
WiltonWilton Free Public Library6 Goodspeed Street04294(207) 645-4831
WindhamWindham Public Library217 Windham Center Road04062(207) 892-1908
WinslowWinslow Public Library136 Halifax Street04901(207) 872-1978
Winter HarborWinter Harbor Public Library18 Chapel Lane04693(207) 963-7556
WinterportWinterport Memorial Library229 Main Street04496(207) 223-5540
WinthropBailey Public Library39 Bowdoin Street04364(207) 377-8673
WiscassetWiscasset Public Library21 High Street04578(207) 882-7161
YarmouthMerrill Memorial Library215 Main Street04096(207) 846-4763
YorkYork Public Library15 Long Sands Road03909(207) 363-2818