Nebraska Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Nebraska. If you do not see a listing to your local branch library, please check out the library system site or main branch site for closures or alternative library names.
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AdamsAdams Public Library300 8th Street68301(402) 988-2565
AinsworthAinsworth Public Library445 North Main Street69210(402) 387-2032Email
AlbionAlbion Public Library437 South 3rd Street68620(402) 395-2021Email
AlexandriaTucker Memorial Library313 Harbine Street68303(402) 749-3550
AllenSpringbank Township Library100 East 2nd Street68710
AllianceAlliance Public Library1750 Sweetwater Avenue69301(308) 762-1387Email
AlmaHoesch Memorial Librarypo box 43868920(308) 928-2600Email
AnselmoWinters Memorial Library101 North Dorr Street68813
AnsleyAnsley Township Library619 Main Street68814
ArapahoeArapahoe Public Library302 Nebraska Avenue68922(308) 962-7806Email
ArcadiaArcadia Township Library100 South Reynolds68815(308) 789-6346Email
ArlingtonArlington Public Library410 West Elm Street68002(402) 478-4545Email
ArnoldFinch Memorial Library205 North Walnut69120(308) 848-2219Email
ArthurArthur County Library205 First Street69121(308) 764-2219Email
AshlandAshland Public Library207 North 15th Street68003(402) 944-7430Email
AtkinsonAtkinson Public Library210 West State Street68713(402) 925-2855Email
AuburnAuburn Memorial Library1810 Courthouse Avenue68305(402) 274-4023Email
AuroraAlice M Farr Library1603 L Street68818(402) 694-2272Email
AxtellAxtell Public Library305 North Main Street68924(308) 743-2592Email
BancroftBancroft Public Library103 E. Poplar68004(402) 648-3350Email
BancroftH. R. Jordan Memorial Library103 Poplar(402) 648-3350
BartleyBartley Public Library411 Commercial69020(308) 692-3313Email
BassettRock County Public Library400 State Street68714(402) 684-3800Email
Battle CreekLied Battle Creek Public Library103 East Main Street68715(402) 675-6934Email
BayardBayard Public Library509 Avenue A69334(308) 586-1144Email
BeatriceBeatrice Public Library100 North 16th Street68310(402) 223-3584Email
Beaver CityBeaver City Public Library408 10th Street68926(308) 268-4115Email
Beaver CrossingBeaver Crossing Community Library436 434th Road68313
BeemerKarlen Memorial Library215 Blaine Street68716(402) 528-3476Email
BellevueBellevue Public Library1003 Lincoln Road68005(402) 293-3157Email
BenkelmanDundy County Library126 7th Avenue East69021(308) 423-2333Email
BenningtonBennington Public Library15505 Warehouse Street68007(402) 238-2201Email
Big SpringsBig Springs Public Library400 Pine Street69122(308) 889-3482Email
BlairBlair Public Library210 South 17th Street68008(402) 426-3617Email
BloomfieldBloomfield Public Library121 South Broadway68718(402) 373-4588Email
Blue HillBlue Hill Public Library317 West Gage Street68930(402) 756-2701Email
BradyVillage Of Brady Public Library107 Commercial St69123(308) 584-3839Email
BridgeportBridgeport Public Library722 Main Street69336(308) 262-0326Email
BroadwaterBroadwater Public Library106 E. Guthrie Street69125(308) 489-0199Email
Broken BowBroken Bow Public Library626 South D Street68822(308) 872-2927Email
BruningBruning Public Library141 Main Street68322(402) 353-4610Email
BrunswickBrunswick Public Library303 Franklin St.68720(402) 842-2105Email
BurwellGarfield County Library217 G Street68823(308) 346-4711Email
ButteDavies Memorial Library612 Thayer Street68722(402) 775-2325
ByronByron Public Library119 Kansas Ave.68325(402) 236-8752
CallawayNigel Sprouse Memorial Library102 East Kimball68825(308) 836-2610Email
CambridgeButler Memorial Library621 Penn69022(308) 697-3836Email
CampbellCampbell Public Library721 Broad Street68932(402) 756-8121Email
CarrollCarrol Public Library506 Main Street68723(402) 369-0531Email
Cedar RapidsCedar Rapids Public Library423 West Main Street68627(308) 358-0603Email
Central CityCentral City Public Library1604 15th Avenue68826(308) 946-2512Email
CerescoCeresco Community Library425 South 2nd Street68017(402) 665-2112Email
ChadronChadron Public Library507 Bordeaux Street69337(308) 432-0531Email
ChappellChappell Memorial Library Art Gallery289 Babcock Avenue69129(308) 874-2626Email
ChesterChester Public Library623 Thayer Avenue68327(402) 324-5755
ClarksClarks Public Library101 West Amity Street68628(308) 548-2864Email
ClarksonClarkson Public Library318 Pine Street68629(402) 892-3235Email
Clay CenterClay Center Public Library117 West Edgar Street68933(402) 762-3861Email
ClearwaterClearwater Public Library626 Main Street68726(402) 485-2365Email
ColumbusColumbus Public Library2504 14th Street68601(402) 564-7116Email
ColumbusNortheast Library System3038 33rd Ave., Suite 1368601(402) 564-1586
ComstockComstock Township Library119 West Main Street68828Email
CozadWilson Public Library910 Meridian69130(308) 784-2019Email
CrawfordCrawford Public Library601 Second Street69339(308) 665-1780Email
CreightonCreighton Public Library701 State Street68729(402) 358-5115Email
CreteCrete Public Library305 East 13th Street68333(402) 826-3809Email
CroftonEastern Township Library206 West Main Street68730(402) 388-4915Email
CulbertsonCulbertson Public Library503 New York69024(308) 278-2135Email
CurtisKlyte Burt Memorial Library316 Center Avenue69025(308) 367-4148Email
Dakota CityDakota City Public Library1710 Broadway68731(402) 987-3778Email
DaltonDalton Public Library306 Main Street69131(308) 377-2413Email
DavenportDavenport Public Library109 North Maple Avenue68335(402) 364-2147Email
David CityHruska Memorial Public Library399 North 5th Street68632(402) 367-3100Email
DawsonJohn G Smith Memorial Library517 Ridge Street68337(402) 855-2555
DaykinDaykin Public Library201 Mary Avenue68338(402) 446-9275Email
DeshlerDeshler Public Library310 East Pearl Avenue68340(402) 365-4107Email
DewittBob Wauneta Burkley Library Resource Center208 East Fillmore68341(402) 683-2145Email
DodgeJohn Rogers Memorial Library703 2nd Street68633(402) 693-2512Email
DorchesterDorchester Public Library6th Washington68343(402) 946-3891
DouglasDouglas Public Libraryp. o. box 5668344Email
DwightDwight Community Library142 West Pine68635Email
ElginElgin Public Library2nd And Bowen68636(402) 843-2460Email
ElkhornBess Johnson Elkhorn Public Library100 Reading Road(402) 289-4367
Elm CreekElm Creek Public Library241 North Tyler Street68836(308) 856-4394
ElmwoodElmwood Public Library124 West D Street68349(402) 994-4125Email
ElwoodElwood Public Library505 Ripley Street68937(308) 785-2035
EmersonEmerson Public Library110 Main Street68733(402) 695-2449Email
EustisEustis Public Library108 North Morton Street69028(308) 486-2651Email
EwingEwing Township Library202 East Nebraska68735Email
ExeterExeter Public Library202 South Exeter Avenue68351(402) 266-3031Email
FairburyFairbury Public Library601 7th Street68352(402) 729-2843Email
FairfieldFairfield Public Library412 D Street68938(402) 726-2220Email
FairmontFairmont Public Library600 F Street68354(402) 268-6081Email
Falls CityFalls City Library And Arts Center1400 Stone Street68355(402) 245-2913Email
Falls CityLydia Bruun Woods Memorial Library120 East 18th Street(402) 245-2913
FarnamFarnam Public Library308 Main Street69029(308) 569-2318Email
FranklinFranklin Public Library1502 P Street68939(308) 425-3162Email
FremontKeene Memorial Library1030 North Broad Street68025(402) 727-2694Email
FriendGilbert Public Library628 Second Street68359(402) 947-5081Email
FullertonFullerton Public Library903 Broadway68638(308) 536-2382Email
GenevaGeneva Public Library1043 G Street68361(402) 759-3416Email
GenoaGenoa Public Library421 Willard Avenue68640(402) 993-2943Email
GeringGering Public Library1055 P Street69341(308) 436-7433Email
GibbonGibbon Public Library116 Labarre Street68840(308) 468-5889Email
GiltnerGiltner Public Library4020 North Commercial Avenue68841
GlenvilBrumbaugh Public Library(402) 771-2215Email
GordonGordon City Library101 West 5th Street69343(308) 282-1198Email
GothenburgGothenburg Public Library1104 Lake Avenue69138(308) 537-2591Email
Grand IslandGrand Island Public Library211 North Washington Street68801(308) 385-5333Email
GrantHastings Memorial Library505 Central Avenue69140(308) 352-4894Email
GreeleyGreeley Village Public Library117 South Galloway Street68842(308) 428-4010Email
GreenwoodGreenwood Public Library619 Main Street68366(402) 789-2301Email
GreshamGresham Public Library424 Elm Street68367(402) 735-7246Email
GretnaGretna Public Library736 South Street68028(402) 332-4480Email
Guide RockAuld-Doudna Public Library155 West Grant68942(402) 257-4015Email
HarrisonSioux County Library182 West 3rd69346(308) 668-9431Email
HartingtonHartington Public Library106 South Broadway68739(402) 254-6245Email
HarvardHarvard Public Library309 North Clay Avenue68944(402) 772-7101Email
HastingsHastings Public Library517 West 4th Street68901(402) 461-2346Email
HastingsRepublican Valley Library System2727 W. 2nd 23368901(402) 462-1975
Hay SpringsCravath Memorial Library243 North Main69347(308) 638-4541Email
Hayes CenterHayes Center Public Library402 Troth Street69032(308) 286-3411Email
HebronHebron Secrest Library146 North 4th Street68370(402) 768-6701Email
HemingfordHemingford Public Library812 Box Butte69348(308) 487-3454Email
HildrethHildreth Public Library248 Commerical Avenue68947(308) 938-3008Email
HoldregeHoldrege Area Public Library604 East Avenue68949(308) 995-6556Email
HooperHooper Public Library126 North Main68031(402) 654-3833Email
HowellsHowells Public Library128 North 3rd Street68641(402) 986-1210Email
HumboldtBruun Memorial Library730 3rd Street68376(402) 862-2914Email
HumphreyHumphrey Public Library307 Main Street68642(402) 923-0957Email
HyannisGrant County Librarypo box 32869350(308) 458-2218Email
ImperialLied Imperial Public Library703 Broadway69033(308) 882-4754Email
IndianolaIndianola Public Library122 North 4th Street69034(308) 364-9259Email
JacksonJackson Public Library223 N John St68743(402) 632-4276Email
KearneyKearney Public Library2020 First Avenue68847(308) 233-3282Email
KearneyMeridian Library System816 East 25th Street, Suite 768847
KimballKimball Public Library208 South Walnut69145(308) 235-4523Email
La VistaLa Vista Public Library9110 Giles Road68128(402) 537-3900Email
LaurelLaurel Community Learning Center502 Wakefield St.68745(402) 256-3431Email
LeighLeigh Public Library156 Main Street68643(402) 487-2507Email
LewellenLewellen Public Library208 Main Street69147(308) 778-5428Email
LexingtonLexington Public Library907 North Washington Street68850(308) 324-2151Email
LincolnArnold Heights Branch Library3815 Nw 54th Street(402) 441-8580
LincolnBennett Martin Public Library136 South 14th Street(402) 441-8500
LincolnBess Dodson Walt Branch6701 South 14th Street(402) 441-4460
LincolnBethany Branch Library1810 North Cotner Boulevard(402) 441-8550
LincolnCharles H. Gere Branch Library2400 South 56th Street(402) 441-8560
LincolnLincoln City Libraries136 So. 14th Street68508(402) 441-8500Email
LincolnLoren Corey Eiseley Branch1530 Superior Street(402) 441-4250
LincolnNebraska Center For The Book1200 N Street, Ste. 12068508(402) 471-3434
LincolnSouth Branch Library2675 South Street(402) 441-8570
LincolnSoutheast Library System5730 R Street, Ste. C-168505(402) 467-6188
LincolnVictor E. Anderson Branch Library3635 Touzalin Avenue(402) 441-8540
LitchfieldLitchfield Public Library102 West Buford Street68852Email
LodgepoleNancy Fawcett Memorial Library724 Oberfelder Street69149(308) 483-5714Email
LoomisLoomis Public Library301 Commercial68958(308) 876-2334Email
LouisvilleLouisville Public Library217 Main Street68037(402) 234-6265Email
Loup CityLoup City Library800 North 8th Street68853(308) 745-1589Email
LymanLyman Public Library313 Jeffers Street69352(308) 787-1366Email
LynchLynch Public Library423 West Hoffman68746(402) 569-3491Email
LyonsLyons Public Library305 Main Street68038(402) 687-2895Email
MadisonMadison Public Library208 West 3rd Street68748(402) 454-3500Email
Mason CitySunshine Township Library417 Main Street68855Email
MccookMccook Public Library802 Norris Avenue69001(308) 345-1906Email
MeadMead Public Library316 South Vine68041(402) 624-6605Email
Meadow GroveMeadow Grove Public Library205 Main Street68752(402) 634-2266Email
MernaBrenizer Public Library430 West Center Avenue68856(308) 643-2268Email
MilfordWebermeier Memorial Library617 2nd Street68405(402) 761-2937Email
MilliganMilligan Public Library424 Main Street68406(402) 629-4302Email
MinatareMinatare Public Library309 Main Street69356(308) 783-1414Email
MindenJensen Memorial Library443 North Kearney68959(308) 832-2648Email
MitchellMitchell Public Library1449 Center Avenue69357(308) 623-2222Email
MorrillMorrill Public Library119 East Webster Street69358(308) 247-2611Email
MullenHooker County Library102 North Cleveland Avenue69152(308) 546-2240Email
Nebraska CityMorton-James Public Library923 First Corso68410(402) 873-5609Email
NehawkaNehawka Public Library221 Maple68413
NelighNeligh Public Library710 Main Street68756(402) 887-5140Email
NelsonNelson Public Library10 West 3rd Street68961(402) 225-7111Email
Newman GroveNewman Grove Public Library615 Hale Avenue68758(402) 447-2331Email
NiobraraNiobrara Public Library25414 Park Avenue Ste 368760(402) 857-3565Email
NorfolkNorfolk Public Library308 Prospect Avenue68701(402) 844-2100Email
North BendNorth Bend Public Library140 East 8th Street68649(402) 652-8356Email
North LoupNorth Loup Township Library112 South B Street68859(308) 496-4230Email
North PlatteNorth Platte Public Library120 West 4th Street69101(308) 535-8036Email
OakdaleOakdale Public Library406 5th Street68761(402) 776-2602Email
OaklandOakland Public Library110 East 3rd Street68045(402) 685-5113Email
OcontoOconto Public Library43352 Road 78068860(308) 858-4920Email
OgallalaGoodall City Library203 West A Street69153(308) 284-4354Email
OmahaA V Sorenson Branch Library4808 Cass Street(402) 444-5274
OmahaBenson Branch Library2918 No. 60th Street(402) 444-4846
OmahaCharles B Washington Branch Library2869 Ames Avenue(402) 444-4849
OmahaEastern Library System11929 Elm Street, Suite 1868144(402) 330-7884
OmahaFlorence Branch Library2920 Bondesson Street(402) 444-5299
OmahaMillard Branch Library13214 Westwood Lane(402) 444-4848
OmahaMilton R Abrahams Branch Library5111 North 90th Street(402) 444-6284
OmahaOmaha Public Library215 S 15th Street68102(402) 444-4800Email
OmahaSouth Branch Library2302 M Street(402) 444-4850
OmahaW Clarke Swanson Branch Library9101 West Dodge Road(402) 444-4852
OmahaW Dale Clark Library215 So. 15th Street(402) 444-4800
OmahaWilla Cather Branch Library1905 South 44th Street(402) 444-4851
OneillOneill Public Library601 E. Douglas68763(402) 336-3110Email
OrchardOrchard Public Library232 Windom Street68764(402) 893-4606Email
OrdOrd Township Library1718 M Street68862(308) 728-3012Email
OrleansCordelia B Preston Memorial Library510 South Orleans Avenue68966(308) 473-3425Email
OsceolaOsceola Public Library131 North Main68651(402) 747-4301Email
OshkoshOshkosh Public Library307 West 1st Street69154(308) 772-4554Email
OsmondOsmond Public Library412 North State Street68765(402) 748-3382Email
OvertonOverton Community Library407 Highway 3068863(308) 987-2543
OxfordOxford Municipal Library411 Ogden Street68967(308) 824-3381Email
PalisadePalisade Public Library124 North Main Street69040(308) 285-3525Email
PalmerPalmer Public Libraryp.o. box 24868864(308) 894-5305Email
PalmyraPalmyra Memorial Library525 Illinois Place68418(402) 780-5344Email
PapillionSump Memorial Library222 North Jefferson68046(402) 597-2040Email
Pawnee CityPawnee City Public Library735 8th St68420(402) 852-2118Email
PaxtonPaxton Public Library110 North Oak Street69155(308) 239-4763Email
PenderHouse Memorial Library220 Thurston Avenue68047(402) 385-2521Email
PetersburgPetersburg Public Library103 South Second Street68652(402) 386-5755Email
PierceLied Pierce Public Library207 West Court68767(402) 329-6324Email
PilgerPilger Public Library120 North Main68768(402) 396-3550Email
PlainviewPlainview Carnegie Library102 Main Street68769(402) 582-4507Email
PlattsmouthPlattsmouth Public Library401 Avenue A68048(402) 296-4154Email
PlymouthPlymouth Public Library103 North Jefferson Avenue68424(402) 656-4335Email
PolkPolk Public Library180 North Main68654(402) 765-7266Email
PoncaPonca Carnegie Library203 2nd Street68770(402) 755-2739Email
PotterPotter Public Library333 Chestnut69156(308) 879-4345Email
PrimrosePrimrose Public Library229 Commercial Street68655(308) 396-1685
RalstonBaright Public Library5555 South 77th Street68127(402) 331-7636Email
RandolphLied Randolph Public Library109 North Douglas68771(402) 337-0046Email
RandolphRandolph Public Library111 North Douglas(402) 337-0046Email
RavennaRavenna Public Library121 West Seneca68869(308) 452-4213Email
Red CloudAuld Public Library537 North Webster68970(402) 746-3352Email
Rising CityRising City Community Library675 Main Street68658Email
RoyalRoyal Public Library3rd Ryan Streets68773
RushvilleRushville Public Library207 Sprague Street69360(308) 327-2740Email
RuskinRuskin Public Librarypo box 14668974
SargentSargent Township Library504 Main Street68874(308) 527-4241Email
SchuylerSchuyler Public Library1123 A Street68661(402) 352-2221Email
ScotiaScotia Public Librarypo box 18868875Email
ScottsbluffLied Scottsbluff Public Library1809 3rd Avenue69361(308) 630-6250Email
ScottsbluffPanhandle Library System115 Railway Street69361(308) 632-1350
ScribnerScribner Public Library504 Main Street68057(402) 664-3540Email
SewardSeward Memorial Library233 South 5th Street68434(402) 643-3318Email
ShelbyShelby Public Library255 N. Walnut68662(402) 527-5181Email
SheltonShelton Township Library313 C Street68876(308) 647-5182Email
ShickleyVirgil Biegert Public Library214 North Market Street68436(402) 627-3365Email
ShubertShubert Public Library313 Main Street68437(402) 883-2593
SidneySidney Public Library1112 12th Avenue69162(308) 254-3110Email
Silver CreekSilver Creek Township Library309 Vine Street68663(308) 773-2594
SnyderSnyder Public Library203 Ash Street68664(402) 568-2570Email
South Sioux CitySouth Sioux City Public Library2121 Dakota Avenue68776(402) 494-7545Email
SpaldingSpalding Public Library141 Saint Joseph Street68665(308) 428-2545
SpencerSpencer Township Library110 West Main Street68777(402) 589-1131Email
SpringfieldSpringfield Memorial Library665 Main Street68059(402) 253-2797Email
SpringviewKeya Paha County Libraryp. o. box 13468778(402) 497-2626Email
St. EdwardSaint Edward Public Library302 Beaver Street68660(402) 678-2204Email
St. PaulSaint Paul Public Library1301 Howard Avenue68873(308) 754-5223
StantonStanton Public Library1009 Jackpine68779(402) 439-2230Email
StapletonLogan County Library317 Main Street69163(308) 636-2343
StellaStella Community Library3rd Main Streets68442(402) 883-2232Email
SterlingSterling Public Library150 Broadway Street68443(402) 866-2056Email
StrattonStratton Public Library502 Bailey Street69043(308) 276-2463Email
StromsburgStromsburg Public Library320 Central Street68666(402) 764-7681Email
StuartStuart Township Library2nd And Main Street68780(402) 924-3242Email
SuperiorSuperior Public Library449 North Kansas Street68978(402) 879-4200Email
SutherlandSutherland Public Library900 2nd Street69165(308) 386-2228Email
SuttonSutton Memorial Library201 South Saunders68979(402) 773-5259Email
SyracuseSyracuse Public Library496 6th Street68446(402) 269-2336Email
Table RockTable Rock Public Library511 Luzerne Street68447(402) 839-2134Email
TalmageTalmage Public Library405 Main Street68448(402) 264-3875Email
TaylorTaylor Public Library207 Williams Street68879(308) 942-6125Email
TecumsehTecumseh Public Library170 Branch Street68450(402) 335-2060Email
TekamahTekamah Carnegie Public Library204 South 13th Street68061(402) 374-2453Email
ThedfordThomas County Library501 Main Street69166(308) 645-2237Email
TildenRaymond A. Whitwer Tilden Public Library202 South Center Street68781(402) 368-5306Email
TobiasTobias Public Library101 Main Street68453
TrentonTrenton Public Library406 Main Street69044(308) 334-5413Email
UlyssesUlysses Township Library410 C Street68669(402) 549-2451Email
ValentineValentine Public Library324 North Main Street69201(402) 376-3160Email
ValleyValley Public Library210 N. Locust Street68064(402) 359-9924Email
ValparaisoValparaiso Public Library300 West 2nd68065(402) 784-6141Email
VerdigreVerdigre Public Library101 East 3rd Avenue68783(402) 668-2677Email
VerdonVillage Of Verdon Library306 1-2 Main Street68457(402) 883-2044Email
WahooWahoo Public Library637 North Maple Street68066(402) 443-3871Email
WakefieldGardner Public Library114 West Third Street68784(402) 287-2334Email
WallaceFaith Memorial Library122 North Garrison Avenue69169(308) 387-4537Email
WalthillWalthill Public Library222 Main Street68067(402) 846-5051Email
WaterlooAgnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library23704 Cedar Drive68069(402) 779-4171Email
WaunetaWauneta Public Library319 North Tecumseh69045(308) 394-5243Email
WausaLincoln Township Library105 South Hampton68786(402) 586-2454Email
WayneWayne Public Library410 North Pearl Street68787(402) 375-3135Email
Weeping WaterWeeping Water Public Library206 West H Street68463(402) 267-3050Email
West PointJohn A Stahl Library330 North Colfax68788(402) 372-3831Email
WesternStruckman-Baatz Memorial Library104 South West Avenue68464(402) 433-2177Email
WilberDvoracek Memorial Library419 West Third Street68465(402) 821-2832Email
WilcoxWilcox Public Library121 South Main Street68982(308) 478-5554
WilsonvilleWilsonville Public Library203 Iva Street69046
WinnebagoLittle Priest Tribal College Winnebago Public Library601 E College Dr68071(402) 878-2380Email
WinsideLied Winside Public Library417 Main Street68790(402) 286-1122Email
WisnerWisner Public Library1015 East E Street68791(402) 529-6018Email
WolbachWolbach Public Library610 Kingston68882(308) 246-5232Email
Wood RiverMaltman Memorial Public Library910 Main Street68883(308) 583-2349Email
WymoreWymore Public Library116 West F Street68466(402) 645-3787Email
YorkKilgore Memorial Library520 Nebraska Avenue68467(402) 363-2620Email
YutanYutan Public Library502 3rd Street68073(402) 625-2111Email