New Mexico Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in New Mexico. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possiblity that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under an alternative name.
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AbiquiuAbiquiu Public Library(505) 685-4884
AbiquiuEl Pueblo De Abiquiu Library And Community Centerp.o. box 83887510(505) 685-4884
AlamogordoAlamogordo Public Library920 Oregon Avenue88310(505) 439-4140
AlbuquerqueAlamosa-Robert L. Murphy Memorial Library6900 Gonzales Rd. Sw(505) 836-0684
AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque-Bernalillo County Library System501 Copper Ave. Nw87102(505) 768-5100
AlbuquerqueCherry Hills Library6901 Barstow Ne(505) 857-8321
AlbuquerqueErna Fergusson Library3401-A Monroe Ne(505) 888-8100
AlbuquerqueErnie Pyle Library900 Girard Blvd. Se(505) 256-2065
AlbuquerqueEsperanza Branch5600 Esperanza Dr., Nw(505) 836-0684
AlbuquerqueJuan Tabo Library3407 Juan Tabo Blvd. Ne(505) 291-6260
AlbuquerqueLomas Tramway Library908 Eastridge Ne(505) 291-6295
AlbuquerqueLos Griegos Library1000 Griegos Rd Nw(505) 761-4020
AlbuquerqueNorth Valley Library7704 2nd St. Nw(505) 897-8823
AlbuquerqueSan Pedro Library5600 Trumbull Se(505) 256-2067
AlbuquerqueSouth Broadway-Frances Parrish Library1025 Broadway Se(505) 764-1742
AlbuquerqueSouth Valley Library3904 Isleta Blvd Sw(505) 877-5170
AlbuquerqueSpecial Collections Library423 Central Ave. Ne(505) 848-1376
AlbuquerqueTaylor Ranch Library5700 Bogart Nw(505) 897-8816
AlbuquerqueWestgate Library1300 Delgado Sw(505) 833-6984
AlbuquerqueWyoming Library8205 Apache Ne(505) 291-6262
Angel FireShuter Library Of Angel Fire11 South Angel Fire Road87710(575) 377-6755
AnthonyValley Public Library635 Church Street88021(505) 882-7982
ArtesiaArtesia Public Library306 W. Richardson Ave.88210(575) 746-4252
AztecAztec Public Library319 S. Ash87410(505) 334-7658
BayardBayard Public Library1120 Central Ave.88023(575) 537-6244
BelenBelen Public Library333 Becker Avenue87002(505) 864-7522
BernalilloTown Of Bernalillo Public Library124 Calle Malinche87004(505) 867-1440
BloomfieldBloomfield Public Library333 South First Street87413(505) 632-8315
Bosque FarmsBosque Farms Public Library1455 W. Bosque Loop87068(505) 869-2227
CapitanCapitan Public Library101 E. 2nd Street88316(575) 354-3035
CarlsbadCarlsbad Public Library101 S. Halagueno88220(575) 885-0731
ChamaEleanor Daggett Memorial Library299 4th Street87520(505) 756-2388
ClaytonAlbert W. Thompson Memorial Library17 Chestnut Street88415(505) 374-9423
CloudcroftMichael Nivison Public Library90 Swallow Place88317(575) 682-1111
ClovisClovis Carver Public Library701 Main88101(575) 769-7840
Cochiti LakeIrene S. Sweetkind Public Library6515 Hoochaneetsa Blvd.87083(505) 465-2561
Cochiti PuebloCochiti Pueblo Community Library245 Cochiti St.(505) 465-2885
Cochiti PuebloPueblo De Cochiti Library255 Cochiti St.87072(505) 465-3118
ColumbusColumbus Village Library112 W. Broadway88029(575) 531-2612
CoronaVillage Of Corona Public Library521 Main Street88318(575) 849-5513
CorralesCorrales Community Library84 West La Entrada Road87048(505) 897-0733
CubaCuba Public Library6382 U.S. 55087013(505) 289-3100
DatilBaldwin Cabin Public Library(505) 772-5230
DemingMarshall Memorial Library110 S Diamond Street88030(505) 546-9202
DexterDexter Public Library115 E. Second Street(505) 734-5482
DixonEmbudo Valley Library Community Center217 Hwy 75 Dixon87527(505) 579-9181
DulceJicarilla Public Library165 Hawks Drive87528(505) 759-1776
Eagle NestEagle Nest Public Library74 N Tomboy Dr87718(575) 377-0657
EdgewoodEdgewood Community Library1950b Pioneer Park Road87015(505) 281-0138
El RitoEl Rito Public Library182 Placitas Road87530(505) 581-4608
ElidaElida Public Library703 Clark St.(505) 274-6465
EspanolaEspanola Public Library313 North Paseo De Onate87532(505) 747-6087
EspanolaSanta Clara Pueblo Community Library1 Kee St. Los Alamos Hwy.87532(505) 753-7326
EstanciaEstancia Public Library600 South Tenth Street87016(505) 384-9655
EuniceEunice Public Library10th St. Avenue N.88231(575) 394-2336
FarmingtonFarmington Public Library2101 Farmington Ave.87401(505) 599-1270
Fort SumnerFort Sumner Public Library235 W. Sumner Avenue88119(505) 355-2832
GallupOctavia Fellin Public Library115 West Hill87301(505) 863-1291
GilaGila Valley Library400 Highway 21188038(575) 535-4120
GlenwoodGlenwood Community Library14 Menges Lane88039(505) 539-2277
GrantsMother Whiteside Memorial Library525 W. High St87020(505) 287-4793
HatchHatch Public Library530 E. Hall87937(575) 267-5132
HillsboroHillsboro Community Library316 Elenora Street88042(505) 895-3349
HobbsHobbs Public Library509 N. Shipp88240(575) 397-9328
IsletaIsleta Pueblo Library-Resource Centerp.o. box 1270(505) 869-2597
IsletaPueblo Of Isleta Libraryp.o. box 61087022(505) 869-8119
JalWoolworth Community Library3rd And Utah St.88252(505) 395-3268
Jemez PuebloJemez Pueblo Community Library020 Mission Rd87024(505) 834-9171
Jemez SpringsJemez Springs Public Library030 Jemez Plaza, Hwy. 487025(575) 829-9155
La JoyaRio Abajo Community Library28 South Calle De Centro87028(505) 861-8289
LagunaLaguna Public Library29 Rodeo Drive87026(505) 552-6280
LagunaPueblo Of Laguna Libraryp.o. box 194(505) 552-6280
Las CrucesThomas Branigan Memorial Library200 E. Picacho Ave.88001(505) 528-4000
Las VegasCarnegie Public Library500 National Avenue87701(505) 454-1401
LordsburgLordsburg-Hidalgo Library208 East Third St.88045(505) 542-9646
Los AlamosLos Alamos County Library System2400 Central Avenue87544(505) 662-8240
Los AlamosWhite Rock Branch Library133 Longview Drive(505) 662-8265
Los LunasLos Lunas Public Library460 Main St. Ne87031(505) 839-3850
LovingtonLovington Public Library115 South Main St.88260(505) 396-3144
MagdalenaMagdalena Public Library108 N. Main Street87825(505) 854-2361
MescaleroMescalero Community Library148 Cottonwood Drive88340(505) 464-5010
MoraDavid F. Cargo Public Libraryp.o. box 638(505) 387-5029
MoriartyMoriarty Community Library202 South Broadway87035(505) 832-2513
MountainairMountainair Public Library109 N. Roosevelt87036(505) 847-9676
NavajoNavajo Community Library(505) 777-2598
Ohkay OwingehPoe Tsawa Community Library232 Popay Avenue87566(505) 852-2814
PlacitasPlacitas Community Library01 Tierra Madre87043(505) 867-3355
PojoaquePueblo Of Pojoaque Public Library101 B Lightning Loop87506(505) 455-7511
PortalesPortales Public Library218 S. Ave. B88130(505) 356-3940
Pueblo Of AcomaAcoma Learning Center17a Knots Landing Road87034(505) 552-6108
QuestaQuesta Public Library6 1-2 Municipal Park Road87556(575) 586-2023
Ranchos De TaosTalpa Community Center Library4 Archuleta Rd87557(575) 751-1014
RatonArthur Johnson Memorial Library244 Cook Avenue87740(505) 445-9711
Red RiverRed River Public Library702 E. Main St.87558(575) 754-6564
ReserveReserve Public Library15 Jake Scott St.87830(505) 533-6276
Rio RanchoRio Rancho Public Library755 Loma Colorado Dr. Se87124(505) 891-5013
RoswellRoswell Public Library301 N. Pennsylvania Ave88201(575) 622-7101
RuidosoRuidoso Public Library107 Kansas City Road88345(575) 258-3704
San FelipePueblo Of San Felipe Community Library24 Black Mesa Rd87001(505) 771-9970
Sandia PuebloSandia Pueblo Learning Resource Center236 Sandia Day School Road87004(505) 771-5074
Santa AnaSanta Ana Pueblo Community Library2 Dove Road87004(505) 867-1623
Santa FeLibrary Bookstop4250 Cerrillos Road 1264 Villa Lin(505) 955-2980
Santa FeOliver La Farge Library1730 Llano Street(505) 955-4860
Santa FePojoaque Pueblo Librarybox 71(505) 455-7511
Santa FePueblo Of Tesuque Educational Resource Centerbox 360-t87506(505) 955-7782
Santa FeSanta Fe Public Library145 Washington Avenue87501(505) 955-6780
Santa FeSouthside Library6599 Jaguar Drive(505) 955-2810
Santa FeVista Grande Public Library14 Avenida Torreon87508(505) 466-7323
Santa RosaMoise Memorial Library208 5th St.88435(575) 472-3101
Santo Domingo PuebloSanto Domingo Pueblo Libraryp.o. box 16087052(505) 465-2214
ShiprockShiprock Branch Library(505) 486-6308
Silver CityThe Public Library515 West College Avenue88061(575) 538-3672
SocorroSocorro Public Library401 Park Street87801(575) 835-1114
SpringerFred Macaron Library600 Colbert Avenue87747(505) 483-2848
Sunland ParkSunland Park Community Library984 Mcnutt Rd88063(575) 874-0873
TaosTaos Public Library402 Camino De La Placita87571(575) 758-3063
TatumTatum Community Library323 E. Broadway88267(505) 398-4822
TijerasEast Mountain Libraryp.o. box 1570(505) 281-8508
TohajiileeTohajiile Community School Library(505) 831-3426
TruchasTruchas Community Library60 County Road 7587578(505) 689-2683
Truth Or ConsequenceTruth Or Consequences Public Library325 Library Lane87901(505) 894-3027
TucumcariSchlientz Memorial Library602 S. Second St.(505) 461-0295
TucumcariTucumcari Public Library602 S. Second St.88401(575) 461-0295
TularosaTularosa Public Library515 Fresno St.88352(505) 585-2711
VirdenVirden Public Library209 Church Street88045(575) 358-2544
WeedWeed Community Libraryp.o. box 511
Zia PuebloZia Enrichment Library162b Zia Blvd.87053(505) 867-3304
ZuniZuni Public Library27 E. Chavez Circle87327(505) 782-4575