Oklahoma Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Oklahoma. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possiblity that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under an alternative name.
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AdaAda Public Library124 S. Rennie74820(580) 436-8124
AllenAllen Public Library214 East Broadway74825(580) 857-2933
AltusAltus Public Library421 N. Hudson(580) 477-2890
AltusSouthern Prairie Library System421 N. Hudson73521(580) 444-4444
AlvaAlva Public Library504 Seventh Street73717(580) 327-1833
AnadarkoAnadarko Community Library215 W Broadway73005(405) 247-7351
AntlersAntlers Public Library104 S.E. 2nd Street74523(580) 298-5649
ApacheApache Public Library111 E. Evans73006(580) 588-3661
ArdmoreArdmore Public Library320 E Street Nw73401(580) 223-8290
ArdmoreChickasaw Regional Library System601 Railway Express73401(580) 223-3164
ArkomaArkoma Public Library101 Main Street74901(918) 875-3971
AtokaAtoka County Library215 East A Street(580) 889-3555
BarnsdallBarnsdall - Ethel Briggs Memorial Library410 S Fifth74002(918) 847-2118
BartlesvilleBartlesville Public Library600 S Johnstone74003(918) 338-4161
BeaverBeaver County Pioneer Library201 Douglas Ave73932(580) 625-3076
BethanyBethany Public Library3510 N Mueller(405) 789-8363
BixbyBixby Public Library20 E Breckenridge(918) 366-3397
BlackwellBlackwell Public Library123 West Padon74631(580) 363-1809
BlanchardBlanchard Public Library205 NE 10th Street73010(405) 485-2275
Boise CitySoutar Memorial Library7 South Ellis Ave.73933(580) 544-2715
BoswellBoswell Reading Center610 Valliant74727(580) 566-5866
BristowBristow - Montfort Allie Jones Mem Library111 W. 7th Ave74010(918) 367-6562
Broken ArrowBroken Arrow Library300 W Broadway(918) 251-5359
Broken ArrowSouth Broken Arrow Library3600 S Chestnut(918) 451-0002
Broken BowBroken Bow Public Library404 N. Broadway(580) 584-2815
BuffaloBuffalo Public Library11 E Turner73834(580) 735-2995
CarmenCarmen Public Library421 West Main Street73726(580) 987-2301
CarnegieCarnegie Public Library22 S Broadway73015(580) 654-1980
CatoosaCatoosa Public Library105 E Oak74015(918) 266-1684
ChandlerChandler Public Library1021 S Manvel74834(405) 258-3204
ChecotahChecotah - Jim Lucas Checotah Public Library626 W Gentry(918) 473-6715
ChecotahJim Lucas Checotah Public Library626 West Gentry74426(918) 473-6715
ChelseaChelsea Public Library618 Pine Street74016(918) 789-3364
CherokeeCherokee City- County Library123 South Grand73728(580) 596-2366
CheyenneCheyenne - Minnie R Slief Memorial Library200 S. Don Cearlock(580) 497-3777
CheyenneMinnie R Slief Library201 Don Cearlock Ave.73628(580) 497-3777
ChickashaChickasha Public Library527 Iowa Avenue73018(405) 222-6075
ChoctawChoctaw Library2525 North Muzzy(405) 390-8418
ClaremoreClaremore - Will Rogers Library1515 North Florence Ave74017(918) 341-1564
ClevelandJay C. Byers Memorial Library215 E. Wichita74020(918) 358-2676
ClintonBookmobile501 S. 28th St.73601(580) 323-0974
ClintonClinton Public Library721 Frisco(580) 323-2165
ClintonWestern Plains Library System501 S 28th Street73601(580) 323-0974
CoalgateCoal County Public Library115 W. Ohio(580) 927-3103
CollinsvilleCollinsville Library1223 Main(918) 596-2840
CordellCordell Public Library208 S College(580) 832-3530
CowetaCoweta Public Library120 East Sycamore74429(918) 486-6532
CrescentCrescent Community Library205 N. Grand73028(405) 969-3779
CushingCushing Public Library215 North Steele74023(918) 225-4188
DavisDavis Public Library209 E Benton(580) 369-2468
Del CityDel City Branch Library4509 S E 15(405) 672-1377
DeweyDewey - Tyler Memorial Library821 N Shawnee74029(918) 534-2106
DrumrightDrumright Public Library104 East Broadway74030(918) 352-2228
DuncanDuncan Public Library2211 N. Highway 8173533(580) 255-0636
DurantDurant - Robert L Williams Public Library323 West Beech74701(580) 924-3486
EdmondEdmond Branch Library10 S Boulevard(405) 341-9282
El RenoEl Reno Carnegie Library215 E Wade73036(405) 262-2409
Elk CityElk City Carnegie Library221 West Broadway73644(580) 225-0136
EnidEnid-Public Library Of Enid And Garfield Co120 West Maine73701(580) 234-6313
EufaulaEufaula Memorial Library301 South First St.74432(918) 689-2291
FairfaxFairfax Public Library158 East Elm74637(918) 642-5535
FairviewFairview City Library115 S. 6th73737(580) 227-2190
FrederickFrederick Public Library200 East Grand73542(580) 335-3601
Ft. GibsonFt. Gibson - Q.B. Boydstun Library200 Hickory(918) 478-3587
Ft. GibsonQ. B. Boydstun Library201 E. South Ave.74434(918) 478-3587
GearyGeary Public Library106 Main St73040(405) 884-2372
GlenpoolGlenpool Library730 E 141 St(918) 746-5190
GrandfieldGrandfield Public Library101 W 2nd73546(580) 479-5598
GroveGrove Public Library1140 Neo Loop(918) 786-2945
GuthrieGuthrie Public Library201 N Division73044(405) 282-0050
GuymonGuymon Public Library206 Nw 5th Street73942(580) 338-7330
HarrahHarrah Public Library1971 N Church Ave(405) 454-2001
HartshorneHartshorne Public Library720 Penn Avenue(918) 297-3471
HaskellHaskell - Rieger Memorial Library116 N Broadway(918) 482-3614
HaskellRieger Memorial Library116 North Broadway74436(918) 482-3614
HealdtonHealdton Community Library18 South 4th(580) 229-0590
HeavenerHeavener Public Library203 East Ave C(918) 653-2870
HennesseyHennessey Public Library525 S. Main73742(405) 853-2073
HenryettaHenryetta Public Library518 W. Main74437(918) 652-7377
HintonHinton - Norman Smith Memorial Library115 E Main73047(405) 542-6167
HobartHobart Public Library200 S Main73651(580) 726-2535
HoldenvilleHoldenville - Grace Pickens Public Library209 E 9th74848(405) 379-3245
HollisHollis Public Library201 W. Broadway(580) 688-2744
HominyHominy Public Library121 West Main74035(918) 885-4486
HookerHooker - Olive Warner Memorial Library111 S Broadway73945(580) 652-2835
HugoHugo - Choctaw County Public Library208 E Jefferson(580) 326-5591
HulbertHulbert Community Library210 North Broadway74441(918) 772-3383
HydroHydro Public Library518 S. Broadway73048(405) 663-2009
IdabelIdabel Public Library103 East Main74745(580) 286-6406
InolaInola Public Library15 North Broadway74036(918) 543-8862
JayDelaware County Library429 South 9th St.74346(918) 253-8521
JayJay - Delaware County Library429 So. 9th(918) 253-8521
JenksJenks Library523 West B St(918) 746-5180
JonesJones Library111 E. Main(405) 399-5471
KansasKansas Public Library200 West Tulsa Avenue74347(918) 868-5257
Kaw CityKaw City - J.A. Walker Memorial Library900 Morgan Square74641(580) 269-1317
KellyvilleKellyville Public Library230 E Buffalo74039(918) 247-3740
KingfisherKingfisher Memorial Library505 West Will Rogers73750(405) 375-3384
KiowaKiowa Reading Center7th And Harrison74553(918) 432-6279
KonawaKennedy Library Of Konawa700 W. South(405) 925-3662
KonawaKonawa - Kennedy Library Of Konawa701 West South Street74849(580) 925-3662
LangleyLangley Public Library325 Osage74350(918) 782-4461
LaverneLaverne Delphian Municipal Library122 W. Jane Jayroe Blvd73848(580) 921-7323
LawtonLawton Public Library110 S W 4th St73501(580) 581-3450
LindsayLindsay Community Library112 W Choctaw73052(405) 756-3449
Locust GroveLocust Grove Public Library715 E. Harold Andrews Blvd74352(918) 479-6585
LutherLuther Library310 Ne 3rd73054(405) 277-9967
MadillMadill City-County Library500 West Overton St73446(580) 795-2749
MangumMargaret Carder Library201 W. Lincoln St.73554(580) 782-3185
MannfordMannford Public Library101 Green Valley Park Rd74044(918) 865-2665
MariettaMarietta - Love County Library500 South Hwy 77(580) 276-3783
MarlowMarlow - Garland Smith Public Library407 W Seminole73055(580) 658-5354
MaysvilleMaysville Public Library508 Williams73057(405) 867-4748
McalesterMcalester Public Library401 North Second(918) 426-0930
McalesterSoutheastern Public Library System Of Oklahoma401 N 2nd74501(918) 426-0456
MccurtainMccurtain Reading Center407 East Oak(918) 945-7107
McloudMcloud Public Library133 N. Main(405) 964-2960
MedfordMedford Public Library123 S Main73759(580) 395-2342
MeekerMeeker Public Library616 W. Carl Hubbell Boulevard74855(405) 279-1139
MiamiMiami Public Library200 N Main74354(918) 541-2292
Midwest CityMidwest City Library8143 E Reno(405) 732-4828
MooreMoore Public Library225 S Howard(405) 793-5100
MoundsMounds Public Library15 West 14th Street74047(918) 827-3949
Mtn. ViewMt View - Addie Davis Memorial Library301 N. 4th73062(580) 347-2397
MuldrowMuldrow Public Library711 West Shawntel Blvd.74948(918) 427-6703
MuskogeeEastern Oklahoma District Library System814 W Okmulgee74401(918) 683-2846
MuskogeeMuskogee Public Library801 West Okmulgee(918) 682-6657
MustangMustang Public Library1201 N. Mustang Rd.73064(405) 376-2226
NewcastleNewcastle Public Library900 North Carr(405) 387-5076
NewkirkNewkirk Public Library116 N Maple Ave74647(580) 362-3934
Nicoma ParkNicoma Park Library2240 Overholser(405) 769-9452
NobleNoble Public Library204 North 5th(405) 872-5713
NormanNorman Public Library225 N Webster(405) 701-2600
NormanPioneer Library System225 N Webster Ave73069(405) 701-2600
NowataNowata City-County Library224 South Pine74048(918) 273-3363
OkeeneOkeene Public Library215 N Main73763(580) 822-3306
OkemahOkemah Public Library301 South 2nd74859(918) 623-1915
Okla CityMetropolitan Library System300 Park Ave73102(405) 606-3725
Oklahoma CityBelle Isle Library5501 N. Villa(405) 843-9601
Oklahoma CityBook Centers1364 N E 3rd(405) 235-9223
Oklahoma CityCapitol Hill Branch Library334 S W 26(405) 634-6308
Oklahoma CityDowntown Branch Library131 Dean A Mcgee(405) 231-8650
Oklahoma CityDowntown Library300 Park Ave.73102(405) 231-8650
Oklahoma CityNorthwest Library5600 Nw 122nd73142
Oklahoma CityRalph Ellison Branch Library2000 N E 23(405) 424-1437
Oklahoma CitySouthern Oaks Library6900 S Walker(405) 631-4468
Oklahoma CityWright Library2101 Exchange Ave(405) 235-5035
OkmulgeeOkmulgee Public Library218 S Okmulgee74447(918) 756-1448
OwassoOwasso Library103 W Broadway(918) 591-4566
Pauls ValleyPauls Valley-Nora Sparks Warren Mem Library210 N Willow St73075(405) 238-5188
PawhuskaPawhuska Public Library1801 Lynn Avenue74056(918) 287-3989
PawneePawnee Public Library653 Illinois74058(918) 762-2138
PerkinsPerkins - Thomas-Wilhite Memorial Library101 E. Thomas74059(405) 547-5185
PerryPerry Carnegie Library302 N 7th St73077(580) 336-4721
PickensPickens Reading CenterP.O. Box 39674752(580) 241-5790
PiedmontPiedmont Public Library1129 Stout Street Nw73078(405) 373-9018
Ponca CityPonca City Library515 East Grand74601(580) 767-0345
PoteauBuckley Public Library408 Dewey(918) 647-3833
PraguePrague Public Library1619 W Main Street74864(405) 567-4013
PryorPryor Public Library505 East Graham74361(918) 825-0777
PurcellPurcell Public Library919 N 9th(405) 527-5546
QuintonQuinton Reading CenterP. O. Box 18074561(918) 469-2218
Red OakRed Oak Reading Center202 North Main74563(918) 754-2832
RinglingRingling - Gleason Memorial Library5th And Main St.73456(580) 662-2925
Rush SpringsRush Springs-Glover Spencer Memorial Library6th Blakely73082(580) 476-2108
SalinaSalina Public Library420 E Ferry Street74365(918) 434-8001
SallisawSallisaw - Stanley Tubbs Memorial Library101 E Cherokee(918) 775-4481
SallisawStanley Tubbs Memorial Library101 East Cherokee74955(918) 775-4481
Sand SpringsCharles Page Library551 E 4th St(918) 591-4585
Sand SpringsPratt Library3219 S 113th W Ave(918) 591-4595
SapulpaBartlett-Carnegie Sapulpa Public Library27 W Dewey74066(918) 224-5624
SayreSayre Public Library113 E Poplar73662(580) 928-2641
SeilingSeiling Public Library211 Main(580) 922-4259
SeminoleSeminole Public Library424 N Main74868(405) 382-4221
SentinelSentinel Public Library210 E. Main(580) 393-2244
ShattuckShattuck Public Library101 South Main73858(580) 938-5104
ShawneeShawnee Public Library101 N. Philadelphia(405) 275-6353
SkiatookSkiatook Library316 E Rogers(918) 596-2830
SperrySperry Library15 E Main(918) 591-4690
SpiroSpiro Public Library208 South Main(918) 962-3461
StiglerStigler Public Library402 Ne 6th(918) 967-4801
StillwaterStillwater Public Library1107 S. Duck74074(405) 372-3633
StilwellStilwell Public Library5 North 6th St.(918) 696-7512
StratfordStratford - Chandler-Watts Library340 N Oak74872(580) 759-2684
StroudStroud Public Library301 West 7th74079(918) 968-2567
SulphurSulphur - Mary E Parker Memorial Library500 West Broadway(580) 622-5807
TahlequahTahlequah Public Library120 South College74464(918) 456-2581
TalihinaTalihina Public Library(918) 567-2002
TecumsehTecumseh Public Library114 N Broadway(405) 598-5955
ThomasThomas - Hazel Cross Library115 W Broadway(580) 661-3532
TishomingoJohnston County Library116 West Main(580) 371-3006
TonkawaTonkawa Public Library216 N. Seventh74653(580) 628-3366
TryonTryon Public Library25 S Main St74875(918) 374-2220
TulsaBrookside Public Library1207 E 45th Place(918) 746-5012
TulsaCentral Library400 Civic Center(918) 596-7977
TulsaGenealogy Center2901 S Harvard(918) 746-5222
TulsaHardesty Regional Library8316 E 93rd St(918) 250-7307
TulsaHelmerich Library5131 E 91st St(918) 596-2466
TulsaHerman Kate Kaiser Library5202 S Hudson, Ave., Ste. B74135(918) 549-7542
TulsaJudy Z. Kishner Library10150 N. Cincinnati Ave.74073(918) 549-7577
TulsaKendall-Whittier Library21 S. Lewis(918) 596-7303
TulsaLibrary 51st7970 E 51st Street(918) 669-6770
TulsaMartin Regional Library2601 S Garnett(918) 669-6340
TulsaMaxwell Park Library1313 N Canton(918) 669-6055
TulsaNathan Hale Library6038 E 23rd(918) 669-6060
TulsaPeggy V. Helmerich Library5131 E. 91st St.74137(918) 549-7631
TulsaRudisill Regional Library1520 N Hartford(918) 596-7280
TulsaSchusterman-Benson Library3333 E 32nd Place(918) 746-5024
TulsaSuburban Acres Library4606 N Garrison(918) 591-4004
TulsaTulsa City-County Library System400 Civic Center74103(918) 596-7977
TulsaWest Regional Library2224 W 51st(918) 591-4366
TulsaZarrow Regional Library2224 W. 51st St.74107(918) 549-7683
ValliantMattie Terry Public Library311 North Johnson74764(580) 933-4883
ValliantValliant - Mattie Terry Library311 N Johnson(580) 933-4883
VillageVillage Public Library10307 N Penn(405) 755-0710
VinitaVinita Public Library215 W Illinois74301(918) 256-2115
WagonerWagoner City Public Library302 N. Main74467(918) 485-2126
WaltersWalters Public Library202 North Broadway73572(580) 875-2006
WarnerWarner Public Library207 8th St74469(918) 463-2363
Warr AcresWarr Acres Library5901 N W 63(405) 721-2616
WatongaWatonga Public Library301 N Prouty73772(580) 623-7748
WaurikaWaurika Public Library98th Meridian73573(580) 228-3274
WaynokaWaynoka Public Library1659 Cecil Street73860(580) 824-6181
WeatherfordWeatherford Public Library219 E Franklin(580) 772-3591
WestvilleJohn F. Henderson Public Library116 North Williams74965(918) 723-5002
WestvilleWestville - John F Henderson Public Library116 N. Williams(918) 723-5002
WetumkaWetumka Public Library202 N Main74883(405) 452-3785
WewokaWewoka Public Library118 W 5th74884(405) 257-3225
WilburtonLatimer County Public Library301 W. Ada Ave(918) 465-3751
WilsonWilson Public Library1087 U.S. Hwy. 70-A73463(580) 668-2486
WisterWister Public Library100 Highland Ave(918) 655-7654
WoodwardWoodward Public Library1500 Main73801(580) 254-8544
WynnewoodWynnewood Public Library108 N. Dean A Mcgee73098(405) 665-2512
YaleYale Public Library213 N Main74085(918) 387-2135
YukonMabel C. Fry Public Library500 W. Main(405) 354-8232
YukonYukon - Mabel C. Fry Public Library1200 Lakeshore Drive73099(405) 354-8232