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Certificate Information

Vital Records for births and deaths are managed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. All certificates must be requested by a legal adult (18). Children seeking records must be accompanied by a guardian or legal representative. Unlike many states, Arizona is a closed record state. Vital records never become fully available to the public.

Even genealogical researcher must establish a legal proof of relationship to the individual whose information they are requesting. Same day certificate service must be done in person and are available only on records from 1990 to current. All expedited services must be done online through the VitalChek service.

Office of Vital Records
1818 W Adams St
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Marriage and Divorce records must be requested from the Clerk of the Superior Court from the county in which the event was filed.

Adoption Records

All adoption records in Arizona are confidential records. Any requests from adoptees or from birth parents searching for their child must go through the Arizona Supreme Court Confidential Intermediary Program.

Confidential Intermediary Program

Property Records

Property and parcel information in Arizona is handled in part by the County Treasurer's Office and the County Assessor.

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