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Connecticut Public Records

Use this page to find public records as well as local information from local county and city sources. Find information such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage and divorce decrees, adoption records, property ownership and property tax values.

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Certificate Information

Connecticut vital records are archived in two ways. The town in which the event occured or was permited will hold a complete archive of all records. The Connecticut Vital Records Office also maintains a copy of all records from 1897 to current. Records older than 1897 can be obtained from the State Library's History and Genealogy Unit.

CT Department of Public Health
Vital Records Office
410 Capitol Ave. MS#11VRS
Hartford, CT 06134-0308
(860) 509-7700

Town Birth Certificate Form (PDF)
State Birth Certificate Form (PDF)
Town Death Certificate Form (PDF)
State Death Certificate Form (PDF)

Marriage, divorce and civil union certificates are also available from the same offices.

Town Marriage Certificate Form (PDF)
State Marriage Certificate Form (PDF)

Adoption Records

Adoptive birth records are obtained the same way a regular birth certificate are obtained. If an adoptee was born in another state, then you must apply in that state. Original birth certificates of adoptees are confidential records and must recieve a written court order to unseal.

There are voluntary services for adoption information and registration where people can submit their information and make it available for direct family to find.

Property Records

Connecticut property records can be found by accessing the local town assessor's department. Some additional data is availble from the gis department. Property tax information is obtained directly from the assessor.

Bridgeport Assessors Online Database
West Hartford Assessors Online Database
New Haven Assessors Online Database

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