South Carolina Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in South Carolina. If you do not see a listing to your local branch library, please check out the library system site or main branch site for closures or alternative library names.

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AbbevilleAbbeville County Library System201 South Main Street29620(864) 459-4009
AikenAbbe Regional Library System314 Chesterfield Street Sw29801(803) 642-7575
AikenAiken County Library314 Chesterfield Street, Sw29801(803) 642-2023
AikenAiken-Bamberg-Barnwell-Edgefield Regional Library314 Chesterfield Street, Sw29801(803) 642-7575
AllendaleAllendale County Library158 Mcnair Street29810(803) 584-2371
AllendaleAllendale-Hampton-Jasper Regional Library158 Mcnair Street29810(803) 584-3513
AndersonAnderson County Library300 N Mcduffie Street29621(864) 260-4500
AndersonAnderson County Library - Westside Community Center Library1100 West Franklin Street(864) 260-4660
AndrewsGeorgetown County Library - Andrews Branch Library105 North Morgan Avenue29510(843) 545-3621
AynorHorry County Memorial Library - Aynor Library500 9th Ave.29511(843) 358-3324Email
BambergBamberg County Public Library3156 Railroad Avenue29003(803) 245-3022
BarnwellBarnwell County Public Library40 Burr Street29812(803) 259-3612
BatesburgLexington County Library - Batesburg-Leesville203 Armory Street29006(803) 532-9223
BeaufortBeaufort County Library311 Scott Street29902(843) 470-6504
BeltonAnderson County Library - Belton Branch Library91 Breazeale Street29627(864) 338-8330
BennettsvilleMarian Wright Edelman Public Library203 Fayetteville Avenue29512(843) 479-5630
BennettsvilleMarlboro County Library System200 John Corry Road29512(843) 479-5630
BethuneBethune Public Library206 Main Street29009
BishopvilleLee County Public Library System200 North Main Street29010(803) 484-5921
BlacksburgBlacksburg Library201 S. Rutherford Street29702(864) 839-2630
BlackvilleBarnwell County Public Library - Blackville Branch Library19420 Sol Blatt Avenue29817(803) 284-2295
BlufftonBeaufort County Library - Bluffton Branch Library120 Palmetto Way29910(843) 255-6490
BlythewoodRichland County Public Library - Blythewood Branch Library218 Mcnulty Road29016(803) 691-9806
Boiling SpringsSpartanburg County Public Library - Boiling Springs Branch Library871 Double Bridge Road29316(864) 578-3665
Calhoun FallsAbbeville County Library - Calhoun Falls Branch Library409 N. Tugaloo St.29628(864) 418-8724
CamdenKershaw County Library - Camden Branch Library1304 Broad Street29020(803) 425-1508
CamdenKershaw County Library System632 W. Dekalb Street Suite 10929020(803) 424-2352
CentralPickens County Library - Central-Clemson Branch Library105 Commons Way29630(864) 639-2711
ChapinLexington County Library - Chapin129 N.W. Columbia Avenue29036(803) 345-5479
CharlestonBerkeley County Library - Daniel Island2301 Daniel Island Drive29492(843) 471-2952
CharlestonCharleston County Main Library68 Calhoun Street29401(843) 805-6903
CharlestonCharleston County Main Library - James Island Branch Library1248 Camp Road29412(843) 795-6679
CharlestonCharleston County Main Library - John L. Dart Library1067 King Street29403(843) 722-7550
CharlestonCharleston County Public Library System68 Calhoun Street29401(843) 805-6801
CherawMatheson Library227 Huger Street29520(843) 537-3571
ChesneeSpartanburg County Public Library - Chesnee Branch Library100 Pickens Avenue29323(864) 461-2423
ChesterChester County Library100 Center Street29706(803) 377-8145
ChesterfieldChesterfield County Library System119 W. Main Street29709(843) 623-7489
ClintonClinton Public Library107 Jacobs Highway29325(864) 833-1853
CloverClover Public Library107 Knox Street29710(803) 222-3474
ColumbiaLexington County Library - Irmo6251 St. Andrews Road29212(803) 798-7880
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library1431 Assembly Street29201(803) 799-9084
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - John Hughes Cooper Branch Library5317 N. Trenholm Road29206(803) 787-3462
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - North Main Branch Library5306 North Main Street29203(803) 754-7734
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - Northeast Regional Branch Library7490 Parklane Road29223(803) 736-6575
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - Sandhills Branch Library1 Summit Parkway29229(803) 699-9230
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - Southeast Regional Branch Library7421 Garners Ferry Road29209(803) 776-0855
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - St. Andrews Regional Branch Library2916 Broad River Road29210(803) 772-6675
ConwayHorry County Memorial Library - Administration1008 5th Avenue29526(843) 248-1544Email
ConwayHorry County Memorial Library - Bucksport Library7657 Highway 701 South29527(843) 397-1950Email
ConwayHorry County Memorial Library - Conway Library801 Main Street29526(843) 915-7323Email
CowpensSpartanburg County Public Library - Cowpens Branch Library181 School Street29330(864) 463-0430
DarlingtonDarlington County Library System204 N. Main Street29532(843) 398-4940
DenmarkBamberg County Public Library - Denmark Branch Library19 Maple Avenue29042(803) 793-4511
DillonDillon County Library System600 East Main Street29536(843) 774-0330
DonaldsAbbeville County Library - W.M. Agnew Branch Library429 W. Main St29638(864) 379-8568
EasleyPickens County Library System304 Biltmore Road29641(864) 850-7077
EastoverRichland County Public Library - Eastover Branch Library608 Main Street29044(803) 353-8584
EdgefieldEdgefield County Public Library105 Court House Square29824(803) 637-4025
EdistoCharleston County Main Library - Edisto Branch Library1589 Hwy 17429438(843) 869-2355
Edisto IslandEdisto Beach Library71 Station Court29438(843) 869-2499
ElginKershaw County Library - Elgin Branch Library2652 Main Street29045(803) 438-7881
ElloreeOrangeburg County Library - Mentor Branch Library2621 Cleveland Street29047(803) 897-2162
EstillHampton County Library - Estill Branch Library276 West Third Street29918(803) 625-4560
FlorenceFlorence County Library System509 South Dargan Street29506(843) 662-8424
Folly BeachCharleston County Main Library - Folly Beach Library55 Center Street29439(843) 588-2001
Fort MillFort Mill Public Library1818 Second Baxter Crossing29708(803) 547-4114
Fountain InnGreenville County Library - Fountain Inn (Kerry Ann Younts Culp) Branch311 N. Main Street29644(864) 862-2576
GaffneyCherokee County Library300 East Rutledge Avenue29340(864) 487-2711
GaffneyCherokee County Public Library300 E. Rutledge Avenue29340(864) 487-2711
GastonLexington County Library - Gaston214 South Main Street29053(803) 791-3208
GeorgetownGeorgetown County Library405 Cleland Street29440(843) 545-3304
GilbertLexington County Library - Gilbert-Summit405 Broad Street29054(803) 785-5387
Goose CreekBerkeley County Library - Goose Creek Library325 Old Moncks Corner Road29445(843) 572-1376
Great FallsGreat Falls Library39 Calhoun Street29055(803) 482-2149
GreeleyvilleWilliamsburg County Library - Dr C. E. Murray Branch72 C. E. Murray Blvd.29056(843) 426-2381
Green SeaHorry County Memorial Library - Green Sea Floyds Library5331 Highway 929545(843) 392-0994Email
GreenvilleGreenville County Library - Anderson Road (West) Branch2625 Anderson Road29611(864) 269-5210
GreenvilleGreenville County Library - Augusta Road (Ramsey Family) Branch100 Lydia Street29605(864) 277-0161
GreenvilleGreenville County Library - Berea (Sarah Dobey Jones) Branch111 N. Highway 25 Bypass29617(864) 246-1695
GreenvilleGreenville County Library - Mauldin (W. Jack Greer) Branch800 W. Butler Road29607(864) 277-7397
GreenvilleGreenville County Library - Pelham Road (F.W. Symmes) Branch1508 Pelham Road29615(864) 288-6688
GreenvilleGreenville County Library System25 Heritage Green Place29601(864) 242-5000
GreenwoodGreenwood County Library System106 N. Main Street29646(864) 941-4650
GreerGreenville County Library - Greer (Jean M. Smith) Branch505 Pennsylvania Avenue29650(864) 877-8722
HamptonHampton County Library12 Locust Street29924(803) 943-7528
HanahanBerkeley County Library - Hanahan Library1274 Yeamans Hall Road29406(843) 747-5400
HardeevilleHardeeville Community Library37 Main Street29927(843) 784-3426
HartsvilleHartsville Memorial Library147 W. College Avenue29550(843) 332-5115
HemingwayGeorgetown County Library - Carvers Bay13048 Choppee Road29554(843) 545-3515
HemingwayWilliamsburg County Library - Hemingway306 North Main Street29554(843) 558-7679
Hilton Head IslandBeaufort County Library - Hilton Head Island11 Beach City Road29926(843) 255-6500
Holly HillOrangeburg County Library - Holly Hill8441 Old State Road29059(803) 496-7177
Honea PathAnderson County Library - Jennie Erwin318 Shirley Avenue29654(864) 369-7751
InmanSpartanburg County Public Library - Inman50 Mill Street29349(864) 472-8363
IrmoThe Link In Ballentine1321 Dutch Fork Road29063(803) 781-5026
IvaAnderson County Library - Iva Branch Library203 W. Cruette Street29655(864) 348-6150
JacksonAiken County Library - Jackson Branch Library106 Main Street29831(803) 471-3811
JeffersonFanny D. Lowry Memorial Library500 North Main Street29718(843) 658-3966
Johns IslandCharleston County Main Library - Johns Island Regional Library3531 Maybank Highway29455(843) 559-1945
JohnsonvilleJohnsonville Public Library252 South Georgetown Highway29555(843) 386-2052
JohnstonEdgefield County Public Library - Johnston Branch (Mobley Library)407 Calhoun Street29832(803) 275-5157
KershawLancaster County Library - Kershaw Branch Library3855 Fork Hill Road29067(803) 475-2609
KingstreeWilliamsburg County Library - Kingstree215 North Jackson Street29556(843) 355-9486
Lake CityLake City Public Library220 E. Main Street29560(843) 394-8071
Lake ViewLake View Library207 Main Street29563(843) 759-2692
Lake WylieLake Wylie Public Library185 Blucher Circle29710(803) 831-7774
LamarLamar District Library103 E Main Street29069(843) 326-5524
LancasterLancaster County Library System313 S. White St.29720(803) 285-1502
LandrumSpartanburg County Public Library - Landrum Branch Library111 Asbury Drive29356(864) 457-2218
LangleyAiken County Library - Midland Valley Branch Library9 Hillside Road29834(803) 593-7379
LattaLatta Library101 North Marion Street29565(843) 752-5389
LaurensLaurens County Library System1017 West Main Street29360(864) 681-7323
LexingtonLexington County Public Library System - Main5440 Augusta Road29072(803) 785-2600
LibertyPickens County Library - Sarlin Branch Library15 South Palmetto Street29657(864) 843-5805
Little RiverHorry County Memorial Library - Stephens Crossroad Branch Library107 Highway 57 North29566(843) 399-5541Email
LobecoBeaufort County Library - Lobeco Public Library1862 Trask Parkway (Highway 21)29931(843) 255-6475
LorisHorry County Memorial Library - Loris Library4316 Main Street29569(843) 756-8101Email
LymanSpartanburg County Public Library - Middle Tyger Branch Library170 Groce Road29365(864) 439-4759
ManningClarendon County Library System215 N. Brooks St.29102(803) 435-8633
MarionMarion County Library System101 East Court Street29571(843) 423-8300
McbeeMcbee Depot Library96 West Pine Avenue29101(843) 335-7515
McclellanvilleCharleston County Main Library - Mcclellanville Branch Library222 Baker Street29458(843) 887-3699
MccormickMccormick County Library System201 Railroad Ave.29835(864) 852-2821
Moncks CornerBerkeley County Library1003 Hwy. 5229461(843) 719-4223
Moncks CornerBerkeley County Library System100 Library St.29461(843) 719-4243
MullinsMullins Public Library210 N. Main Street29574(843) 464-9621
Myrtle BeachChapin Memorial Library400 14th Ave. N.29577(843) 918-1275
Myrtle BeachChapin Memorial Library400 14th Avenue North29577(843) 918-1275
Myrtle BeachHorry County Memorial Library - Socastee Branch Library141 707-Connector Road29588(843) 215-4700Email
New EllentonAiken County Library - New Ellenton Branch Library407 Main Street29809(803) 652-7845
NewberryHal Kohn Memorial Library1100 Friend Street29108(803) 276-0854
NewberryNewberry County Library System1300 Friend Street29108(803) 276-0854
NicholsNichols Library208 Floyd Street29581(843) 526-2641
Ninety SixGreenwood County Library - Ninety Six Branch Library118 Cambridge Street, S29666(864) 543-4749
NorthOrangeburg County Library - North Branch Library9316 North Road29112(803) 247-5880
North AugustaAiken County Library - North Augusta Branch Library (Nancy Carson Library)135 Edgefield Rd.29841(803) 279-5767
North AugustaAiken County Library - Wagener Branch Library (Nancy Bonnette Branch Library)135 Edgefield Rd.29841(803) 279-5767
North CharlestonCooper River Memorial Library3503 Rivers Avenue29405(843) 744-2489
North CharlestonDorchester Road Regional Library6325 Dorchester Road29418(843) 552-6466
North Myrtle BeachHorry County Memorial Library - North Myrtle Beach Library910 1st Ave S29582(843) 915-5281Email
OlantaJohn M. Thomason Public Library (Olanta)210 East Hampton Street29114(843) 396-4287
OrangeburgOrangeburg County Library Commission510 Louis St29115(803) 531-4636
PacoletSpartanburg County Public Library - Tri-Pacolet Branch Library390 W. Main Street29372(864) 474-0421
PagelandPageland Community Library109 West Blakeney Street29728(843) 672-6930
PamplicoPamplico Public Library100 East Main Street29583(843) 493-5441
Pawleys IslandGeorgetown County Library - Waccamaw Branch Library24 Commerce Drive29585(843) 545-3623
PelionLexington County Library - Pelion206 Pine Street29123(803) 785-3272
PendletonAnderson County Library - Pendleton Branch Library650 S. Mechanic Street29670(864) 646-3045
PickensPickens County Library - Village Branch Library124 North Catherine Street29671(864) 898-5747
PiedmontAnderson County Library - Piedmont Branch Library1407 Highway 8629673(864) 845-6534
PowdersvilleAnderson County Library - Powdersville Branch Library4 Civic Court29642(864) 295-1190
RichburgLewisville Community Library3771 Lancaster Hwy29729(803) 789-7800
Ridge SpringRidge Spring Library636 Main Street29129(803) 685-2665
RidgelandJasper County Library451a Wilson Street29936(843) 726-7744
RidgewayFairfield County Library - Ridgeway Branch Library175 South Palmer Street(803) 337-2068
Rock HillYork County Library System138 East Black Street29730(803) 981-5833
SalemOconee County Public Library - Salem Branch Library5 Park Avenue29676(864) 944-0912
SaludaSaluda County Library System101 S Main Street29138(864) 445-4500
SanteeOrangeburg County Library - Santee Branch Library119 Dazzy Circle29142(803) 854-5300
SenecaOconee County Public Library - Seneca Branch Library300 E. South Second Street29678(864) 882-4855
SimpsonvilleGreenville County Library - Simpsonville (Hendricks) Branch626 Ne Main Street29681(864) 963-9031
Society HillSociety Hill Branch Library473 S. Main Street29593(843) 378-0026
SpartanburgSpartanburg County Public Library - H. Carlisle Bean Law Library180 Magnolia Street, 3rd Floor29306(864) 596-2511
SpartanburgSpartanburg County Public Library - Westside Branch Library525 Oak Grove Road29301(864) 574-6815
SpartanburgSpartanburg County Public Library System151 S. Church Street29306(864) 596-3507
SpringfieldOrangeburg County Library - Springfield Branch Library210 Brodie Street29146(803) 258-1100
St. GeorgeDorchester County Library System506 N. Parler Avenue29477(843) 563-9189
St. GeorgeJennie Johnston Mcmahan Library, St.George506 North Parler Avenue29477(843) 563-9189
St. Helena IslandBeaufort County Library - St. Helena Branch Library1025 Sea Island Parkway29920(843) 255-6485
St. MatthewsCalhoun County Library900 F.R. Huff Drive29135(803) 874-3389
St. StephenBerkeley County Library - St. Stephen Library1104 South Main Street29479(843) 567-4862
Sullivans IslandCharleston County Main Library - Edgar Allen Poe-Sullivans Island Branch Library1921 Ion Avenue29482(843) 883-3914
SummervilleBerkeley County Library - Sangaree Library595 Sangaree Parkway29483(843) 695-1208
SummervilleGeorge H. Seago, Jr. Library, Summerville76 Old Trolley Road29485(843) 871-5075
SumterSumter County Public Library - South Sumter Branch337 Manning Avenue29150(803) 775-7132
SumterSumter County Public Library - Wesmark Branch180 W. Wesmark Boulevard29150(803) 469-8110
SumterSumter County Public Library System111 N. Harvin Street29150(803) 773-7273
Surfside BeachHorry County Memorial Library - Surfside410 Surfside Drive29579(843) 205-5280Email
SwanseaLexington County Library - Swansea199 N. Lawrence Ave.29160(803) 785-3519
TaylorsGreenville County Library - Taylors (Burdette) Branch316 W. Main Street29687(864) 268-5955
TimmonsvilleBaker Memorial Public Library (Timmonsville)298 West Smith Street29161(843) 346-2941
Travelers RestGreenville County Library - Travelers Rest (Sargent) Branch17 Center Street29690(864) 834-3650
TrentonEdgefield County Public Library - Trenton Branch Library117 Watson Road29847(803) 275-2538
UnionUnion County Library System300 East South Street29379(864) 427-7140
WalhallaOconee County Public Library501 W S Broad St29691(864) 638-4133
WalterboroColleton County Library System600 Hampton Street29488(843) 549-5621
Ware ShoalsGreenwood County Library - Ware Shoals Branch Library54 S. Greenwood Avenue29692(864) 456-2813
West ColumbiaLexington County Library - Cayce-West Columbia1500 Augusta Road29169(803) 794-6791
West ColumbiaLexington County Library - South Congaree - Pine Ridge Branch200 Sunset Drive29172(803) 785-3050
WestminsterOconee County Public Library - Westminster Branch Library112 W North Avenue29693(864) 647-3215
WhitmireWhitmire Memorial Library1510 Church Street29178(803) 694-3961
WilliamstonAnderson County Library - Lander Memorial Regional Library925 Greenville Drive29697(864) 847-5238
WillistonBarnwell County Public Library - Williston Branch Library5121 Springfield Road29853(803) 266-3027
WinnsboroFairfield County Library300 W. Washington Street29180(803) 635-4971
WoodruffSpartanburg County Public Library - Woodruff Branch Library270 E. Hayne Street29388(864) 476-8770
YorkYork Public Library21 East Liberty Street29745(803) 684-3751