West Virginia Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in West Virginia. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possiblity that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under an alternative name.
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AldersonAlderson Public Library308 Walnut Ave.24910(304) 445-7221
Alum CreekAlum Creek Public Library25003(304) 756-9211
AnstedAnsted Public Library102 Oak St.25812(304) 658-5472
AshtonHannan Public Library6760 Ashton Upland Rd.25503(304) 743-6200
BakerEast Hardy Branch Public Library26801(304) 897-5544
BarboursvilleBarboursville Public Library728 Main St.25504(304) 736-4621
BarrettBarrett-Wharton Public Library25208(304) 247-6530
BeckleyRaleigh County Public Library221 N. Kanawha St.25801(304) 255-0511
BelingtonBelington Public Library512 Elliott Ave.26250(304) 823-1026
BelleRiverside Public Library1 Warrior Way, Suite 10425015(304) 949-2400
Berkeley SpringsMorgan County Public Library105 Congress St.25411(304) 258-3350
Big ChimneyElk Valley Branch Library4636 Pennsylvania Avenue25302(304) 965-3636
BlacksvilleClay Battelle Public Library6059 Mason Dixon Highway26521(304) 432-8531
BluefieldCraft Memorial Library600 Commerce Street24701(304) 325-3943
BradshawBradshaw Public Library24828(304) 967-5140
BranchlandBranchland Public Library4 Mile Road At State Route 1025506(304) 778-7315
BridgeportBridgeport Public Library1200 Johnson Avenue26330(304) 842-8248
BuckhannonCharles W. Gibson Public Library105 East Main Street26201(304) 472-2339
BuckhannonUpshur County Public Librarybox 48026201(304) 473-4219
BurlingtonBurlington Public Library26710(304) 289-3690
BurnsvilleBurnsville Public Library235 Kanawha Street26335(304) 853-2338
CameronCameron Public Library26033(304) 686-2140
Capon BridgeCapon Bridge Public Librarypo box 8826711(304) 856-3777
Center PointCenter Point Public Library26339(304) 782-2461
ChapmanvilleChapmanville Public Library299 Vance Street25508(304) 855-3405
CharlestonCross Lanes Public Library5449 Big Tyler Rd.25313(304) 776-5999
CharlestonKanawha County Public Library123 Capitol St.25301(304) 343-4646
CharlestonSissonville Branch Library1 Tinney Lane25312(304) 984-2244
ChesterLynn Murray Memorial Library601 Railroad Street26034(304) 387-1010
ClarksburgClarksburg-Harrison Co. Public Library404 W. Pike Street26301(304) 627-2236
ClayClay County Public Library614 Main Street25043(304) 587-4254
ClendeninClendenin Branch Library1 Cardinal St.25045(304) 548-6370
CowenCowen Public Library47 Mill Street26206(304) 226-5332
CraigsvilleCraigsville Public Library63 Library Lane26205(304) 742-3532
Cross LanesCross Lanes Branch Library5449 Big Tyler Road25313(304) 776-5999
DallasSand Hill Public Library26036(304) 547-5041
DelbartonMingo County Public Librarypo box 1025670(304) 475-2749
DunbarDunbar Branch Library301 12th St. Mall25064(304) 766-7161
DurbinDurbin Public Library26264(304) 456-3142
EleanorEleanor Branch Library203 Eleanor Circle25070(304) 586-4295
ElizabethDora Bee Woodyard Memorial Librarypo box 34026143(304) 275-4295
ElkinsElkins-Randolph Public Library416 Davis Ave26241(304) 637-0287
FairmontMarion County Public Library321 Monroe St.26554(304) 366-1210
FairviewFairview Public Library407 Main St.26570(304) 449-1021
Falling WatersNorth Berkeley Public Library2363 Nestle Quarry Road25419(304) 274-3443
FayettevilleFayetteville Public Library200 W. Maple Avenue25840(304) 574-0070
FollansbeeFollansbee Public Library844 Main Street26037(304) 527-0860
Fort AshbyFort Ashby Public Library26719(304) 298-4493
Fort GayFort Gay Public Library8608 R Broadway25514(304) 648-5338
FranklinPendleton County Public Library504 N. Main Street26807(304) 358-7038
French CreekJames Curry Public Librarybox 13526218(304) 924-6724
GassawayGassaway Public Library536 Elk Street26624(304) 364-8292
Gauley BridgeGauley Bridge Public Library286 Railroad St.25085(304) 632-2172
GilbertGilbert Public Library25621(304) 664-8886
GlasgowGlasgow Branch Library129 4th Avenue25086(304) 595-3131
GlenvilleGilmer Public Library214 Walnut Street26351(304) 462-5620
GraftonTaylor County Public Library200 Beech St.26354(304) 265-6121
GrantsvilleCalhoun County Public Library250 Mill Street North26147(304) 354-6300
Green BankGreen Bank Public Library24944(304) 456-4507
GuyandotteGuyandotte Branch Library203 Richmond Street25702(304) 528-5698
HamlinHamlin-Lincoln County Public Library7999 Lynn Avenue25523(304) 824-5481
HanoverHanover Public Library24839(304) 664-5580
HarmanPioneer Memorial Public Librarypo drawer 1326270(304) 227-4788
Harpers FerryBolivar-Harpers Ferry Public Library151 Polk Street25425(304) 535-2301
HarrisvilleRitchie County Public Library130 N. Court St.26362(304) 643-2717
HedgesvilleNaylor Memorial Library105 Potato Hill St.25427(304) 754-3949
HelvetiaHelvetia Public Librarypo box 1526224(304) 924-5063
HillsboroHillsboro Public Librarypo box 13224946(304) 653-4936
HintonSummers County Public Library201 Temple St25951(304) 466-4490
HundredHundred Public Librarypo box 45326575(304) 775-5161
HuntingtonCabell County Public Library455 9th Street25701(304) 528-5700
HuntingtonGallaher Village Branch Library368 Norway Avenue25705(304) 528-5696
HuntingtonWest Huntington Branch Library901 West 14th Street25704(304) 528-5697
HurricaneHurricane Branch Library410 Midland Trail25526(304) 562-6711
HurricanePutnam County Public Library4219 State Rt.3425526(304) 757-7308
IaegerIaeger Public Library24844(304) 938-3825
InwoodMusselman-South Berkeley Community Library126 Excellence Way25428(304) 229-2220
KenovaCeredo-Kenova Library1200 Oak Street25530(304) 453-2462
KenovaWayne County Public Library1200 Oak Street25530(304) 453-2462
KermitKermit Public Public Library103 Main St. (Behind City Hall)25674(304) 393-4553
KeyserKeyser-Mineral County Public Library105 N. Main Street26726(304) 788-3222
KingwoodKingwood Public Library205 West Main St26537(304) 329-1499
Left HandGeary Public Library1 Library Lane Suite 125251(304) 565-4608
LesageCox Landing Branch Library6363 Cox Lane25537(304) 733-3022
LewisburgGreenbrier County Public Library152 Robert W. Mccormick Drive24901(304) 647-7568
LoganLogan Area Public Library16 Wildcat Way25601(304) 752-6652
Lost CreekSouthern Area Public Librarypo box 28226385(304) 745-4865
MadisonBoone-Madison Public Library375 Main Street25130(304) 369-7842
ManBuffalo Creek Memorial Library511 E. Mcdonald Ave.25635(304) 583-7887
ManningtonMannington Public Library109 Clarksburg St.26582(304) 986-2803
MarlintonMcclintic Public Library500 Eighth Street24954(304) 799-6000
MarlintonPocahontas County Free Libraries500 Eighth Street24954(304) 799-6000
MarmetMarmet Branch Library9303 Oregon Avenue25315(304) 949-6628
MartinsburgMartinsburg-Berkeley Co. Public Library101 West King Street25401(304) 267-8933
MatewanMatewan Public Library25678(304) 426-6306
McmechenBenwood-Mcmechen Public Library201 Marshall St.26040(304) 232-9720
Meadow BridgeMeadow Bridge Public Library53 Klute St.25976(304) 484-7942
MiddlebourneTyler County Public Librarypo box 12426149(304) 758-4304
Mill CreekTygart Valley Public Librarypo box 51726280(304) 335-6277
MiltonMilton Branch Library1140 Smith St.25541(304) 743-6711
MontgomeryMontgomery Public Library507 Ferry St.25136(304) 442-5665
MoorefieldHardy County Public Library102 N. Main St.26836(304) 538-6560
MorgantownCheat Area Public Library121 Crosby Rd26508(304) 594-1020
MorgantownClinton District Public Library2005 Grafton Rd.26508(304) 291-0703
MorgantownMorgantown Public Library373 Spruce Street26505(304) 291-7425
MoundsvilleMoundsville-Marshall County Public Library700 Fifth Street26041(304) 845-6911
Mt. HopeMt. Hope Public Library500 Main St.25880(304) 877-3260
Mt. StormAllegheny Mt. Top Public Library26739(304) 693-7504
MullensMullens Area Public Library102 Fourth St.25882(304) 294-6687
NaomaMarsh Fork Public Library9802 Coal River Road25140(304) 854-2677
New CumberlandSwaney Memorial Library100 Court Street26047(304) 564-3471
New HavenNew Haven Public Library106 Main St.25265(304) 882-3252
New MartinsvilleNew Martinsville Public Library160 Washington Street26155(304) 455-4545
NitroNitro Public Library1700 Park Ave25143(304) 755-4432
NorthforkNorthfork Public Library24 Fieburch Ave.24868(304) 862-4541
Nutter FortNutter Fort Public Library1300 Buckhannon Pike26301(304) 622-7563
Oak HillFayette County Public Library531 Summit Street25901(304) 465-0121
Oak HillOak Hill Public Library611 Main St.25901(304) 469-9890
OceanaOceana Public Library24870(304) 682-6784
Paden CityPaden City Public Library114 S. 4th Avenue26159(304) 337-9333
ParkersburgParkersburg-Wood Co. Public Library3100 Emerson Av.26104(304) 420-4587
ParkersburgSouth Parkersburg Branch Library1713 Blizzard Drive26101(304) 428-7041
ParsonsFive Rivers Public Library301 Walnut St.26287(304) 478-3880
Paw PawPaw Paw Public Library250 Moser Avenue25434(304) 947-7013
PennsboroPennsboro Branch411 Main St.26415(304) 659-2197
PetersburgGrant County Public Library18 Mt. View Street26847(304) 257-4122
PeterstownPeterstown Public Library23 College Drive24963(304) 753-9568
PhilippiPhilippi Public Library102 S. Main St.26416(304) 457-3495
PiedmontPiedmont Public Library1 Childs Avenue26750(304) 355-2757
Pine GrovePine Grove Public Library1 Main St.26419(304) 889-3288
PinevillePineville Public Library24874(304) 732-6228
PinevilleWyoming County Public Librarypo box 13024874(304) 732-6228
PocaPoca Branch Library25159(304) 755-3241
Point PleasantMason County Public Library508 Viand Street25550(304) 675-0894
PrincetonPrinceton Public Library205 Center Street24740(304) 487-5045
QuinwoodQuinwood Public Library25981(304) 438-3011
RacineCoal River Branch Library494 John Slack Circle25165(304) 837-8437
RainelleRainelle Public Library312 7th Street25962(304) 438-3008
RavenswoodRavenswood Branch Library323 Virginia St.26164(304) 273-5343
RichwoodRichwood Public Library8 White Ave.26261(304) 846-6222
RipleyJackson County Public Library208 N. Church St.25271(304) 372-5343
RomneyHampshire County Public Library153 West Main Street26757(304) 822-3185
RonceverteRonceverte Public Library712 W. Main St.24970(304) 647-7400
RupertRupert Public Library602 Nicholas Street25984(304) 392-6158
Salt RockSalt Rock Branch Library25559(304) 733-2186
Shady SpringShady Spring District Library440 Flat Top Road25918(304) 763-2681
ShepherdstownShepherdstown Public Library100 East German Street25443(304) 876-2783
ShinnstonLowe Public Library40 Bridge St.26431(304) 592-1700
SistersvilleSistersville Public Library518 Wells Street26175(304) 652-6701
SophiaSophia Public Library103 First St.25921(304) 683-5990
South CharlestonSouth Charleston Public Library312 4th Avenue25303(304) 744-6561
SpencerRoane County Public Library110 Parking Plaza25276(304) 927-1130
St. AlbansSt. Albans Branch Library602 4th Street25177(304) 722-4244
St. MarysPleasants County Public Library101 Lafayette St.26170(304) 684-7494
SummersvilleSummersville Public Library6201 Webster Road26651(304) 872-0844
Summit PointSouth Jefferson Public Library49 Church Street25446(304) 725-6227
SuttonSutton Public Library450 4th St. C26601(304) 765-7224
Terra AltaTerra Alta Public Library701b East State Avenue26764(304) 789-2724
ThomasMountaintop Public Librarypo box 21726292(304) 463-4582
UnionMonroe County Public Library103 South Street24983(304) 772-3038
Valley HeadValley Head Public Librarypo box 9826294(304) 339-6071
ViennaVienna Public Library2300 River Rd.26105(304) 295-7771
WaltonWalton Public Library2 Cunningham Lane25286(304) 577-6071
WarWar Public Librarypo box 6824892(304) 875-4622
WaverlyWaverly Librarybox 28726184(304) 464-5668
Webster SpringsWebster-Addison Public Library331 S. Main Street26288(304) 847-5764
WeirtonMary H. Weir Public Library3442 Main Street26062(304) 797-8510
WelchMcdowell County Public Library90 Howard St.24801(304) 436-3070
WellsburgBrooke County Public Library945 Main Street26070(304) 737-1551
West UnionDoddridge County Public Library117 Court Street26456(304) 873-1941
WestonLouis Bennett Public Library148 Court Ave26452(304) 269-5151
WheelingHildebrand Memorial Library99 N. 17th St.26003(304) 277-1800
WheelingOhio County Public Library52 16th St.26003(304) 232-0244
White Sulphur SpringWhite Sulphur Springs Public Library203 W. Main St.24986(304) 536-1171
WhitesvilleWhitesville Public Library38175 Coal River Road25209(304) 854-0196
WilliamsonWilliamson Public Library101 Logan Street25661(304) 235-6029
WilliamstownWilliamstown Library201 W. 5th St.26187(304) 375-6052